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In this book, I share my experiences through practical stories and topics such as relationships, money, death, diet, depression, peace and children that concern and affect us all. I also illustrate the incredible way Ho’oponopono has definitely turned out to be the easiest and most efficient path for me and many others.

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7 reviews for My Reflections on Ho’oponopono Book

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    Zsike Szilagyi, Hungary

    I read Mabel Katz’ s book “My Reflections about Ho’oponopono.” I read it many times and read parts of it every day. Now I confront my obstacles much more confident, more sure of myself. Now I know there are always solutions to all my problems because I am full of positive energy. This energy betters my attitude and my future comings. Thank you. I am very grateful for that.

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    Viviana, Argentina

    My daughter Giuliana had an accident with scissors when she was 3!
    Today she is 23, she lost vision in her right eye. She’s been operated on many times and suffered because she could not study or connect with others.
    My daughter was operated on and it was up to me to find the cure.
    When I saw that she wasn’t being healed, I became afraid, and I said Thank you! I will surrender and trust. I finally bought Mabel’s book. Thank you, thank you, thank you Klara for guiding and helping me in this situation that for so long brought me suffering with my daughter it was quickly solved. Yesterday she returned to Buenos Aires with her prosthesis and in high spirits. Her doctor told her that everything was perfect!! Early today she went to the University as nothing happened and happy!!
    I thank Mabel, her books and Ho’oponopono. Today I can say that it works.

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    Bet, Spain

    Good morning wonder woman!!! Yesterday was a slow day up to the ring bell, it was the postman bringing me the expected book! ​”​My reflections on Hoponopono” ​ Amazingly the energy in me changed dramatically! I felt in harmony, peace and love with myself and my family. Thanks for your vibes Mabel! Thanks for coming to my life just at the right moment!

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    Claudia, USA

    Hello Mabel, I don’t know if you’ll remember me, my name is Claudia and we met at your seminar in Miami, I’m also a member of the forum.

    Now I’m enjoying some days on the beach with my family and I wanted to thank you for your new book “My reflections on Ho’oponopono,” although I haven’t finished, I will read as I am able and even though I’m only halfway through, it has helped me to be present, to better understand the practice and to be more at peace. In this precise moment I am enjoying the beach and the waves of the ocean that are like the cleaning tool of your phone application.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you share. God bless you, your family, relatives and ancestors, With infinite love.

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    Miriam, Spain

    I want to take advantage of this moment to tell you that during a seminar I bought your new book “My reflections on Ho’oponopono” and it’s splendid. I had already read “The Easiest Way” and “The Easiest Way to Live” and watch many of your videos, and I loved them, but “My Reflections on Ho’oponopono” has captivated me the most Thank you for writing and sharing it with us!

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    lona Ivancsics, Hungary

    Mabel’s book “My Reflections on Ho’oponopono” is excellent. I can handle many situations now. I really needed Ho’oponopono to be able to accept, understand and stop reacting.
    I see things in a complete different way now, but definitely I needed self-control and cleaning to understand some silly things from other people. Wonderful things happened in my life. I’m really thankful.
    It is fantastic to acknowledge that I am responsible for everything showing up in my life, so I can make amends.

    I love that! Thank you. I will attend the next seminar in Budapest!

  7. Avatar

    Klara Mora, Hungary

    It is an honor for me to be the translator of all Mabel Katz’s books. I have practiced Ho’oponopono for 4 years now, and I have read and re-read all her articles, interviews and books, and also worked on the subtitles for several videos.

    I am deeply thankful to God for helping me find this source of wisdom. The most important message for me, as a translator and editor, is that Ho’oponopono is love and the way to the heart.

    Thank you for all the opportunities to grow doing this job that it is also my passion and mission, and that I discovered by practicing Ho’oponopono. Thank you, Mabel, for being part of my life.

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