Maluhia, The Happy City Kindle

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In twenty-six charming stories, you will find messages that shine brightly and awaken greater awareness in readers who are young and old. These stories create the vision of how the world can truly become a happier and more peaceful place to live. (Kindle Version)

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3 reviews for Maluhia, The Happy City Kindle

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    Romy, Austria

    Aloha My hearts! This is more than a story, it´s a miracle. As usual, before going to sleep, I was reading to my children a chapter of the beautiful book Maluhia. My kids love it! When we read it, they always interrupt in order to make their observations and tell me their similar experiences. Then came a moment when I was impatient of how much I was being interrupted and I already wanted my little three-year-old to go to bed. At one point, my son grabs a bottle of water and drinks a little, uncovers it and spills it on the carpet and then in his pajamas. I was very angry and I told him in a severe tone to go change his clothes. He left crying. My girl, 7-year-old Victoria, was supposedly looking at a toy catalog the entire time behind my back and as she was still looking at it she tells me Mommy, if you get mad at Rodrigo and make him feel bad in his heart for something he has not done with Intention, you re not practicing Ho´oponopono, and if you re not practicing Ho’oponopono you can’t read Maluhia. I felt bad, I tried to calm down wanting to continue reading but couldn´t, I looked at the book and saw the lines but couldn´t pronounce a word, I began to practice breathing and with every breath I felt that the book did something with me, cleaned me, until I noticed that I was able to read again. Curiously, after Victoria described what happened to me, nobody did or said anything, they were all quiet and my little boy stopped crying. When Rodrigo came back, we hugged and apologized. It was amazing to see how my children have captured Ho’oponopono without me explaining anything. After reading we always say The Peace of Me and I notice that they take that peace to their dream world. Thank you, God, for tremendous teachers you ‘ve sent me. Thank you! Peace of the self.

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    Beatriz, Spain

    Thank you, God, for putting the book Maluhia in my hands, I loved it. I am deeply grateful to have found the easy way to be connected with you, and to solve my problems. Thanks, Mabel, for the book, it is a beautiful way to continue learning more, about Ho´oponopono. I ask God to be able to live on Earth in the same way as in Maluhia.

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    Sara, Spain

    A million thanks Mabel for the gifts I received. I’ve had the book “The Easiest Way to Live” for a while. I love it!!! Maluhia is so mind-blowing!!!!!!!! I don’t know what happened to me that I got goosebumps and tears were falling down; and I smiled at the same time as I read it. It took me to be in a magical place, as if I lived in it, it was nothing new, I don’t know how to explain it. I get more and more excited about Ho’oponopono and amazing things happen to me. And it makes me feel a lot of peace, and that creates a state of happiness. Thank you for existing.

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