Flor de Lis Stickers x5


Flor de lis products to spread Awareness and peace around the world.
5 Stickers, 1inch.

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Let’s spread Awareness and Peace around the World together.

If we embrace the Conscious Peace Philosophy & Flor de Lis Symbol, we can inspire others to join us in this global peace movement. Let’s set examples by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Please share the Flor de Lis tool with the World!! Would you like to let go of the constant warfare in your mind and set yourself free from the ideas, places, situations and beliefs that keep you stuck?

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Dimensions 1 × 1 in


  1. Avatar

    Ana, France

    Hi Mabel from Montreal, Canada. Yesterday we were walking with my son and suddenly I saw the Flor de Lis everywhere, in statutes. I told my son that those were Ho’oponopono tools! After that we lost our nice Nikon camera !!! Esteban was so sad about that, I told him ‘don’t worry ha,ha,ha, it’s just a camera. I put the Flor de Lis on it. Believe me please, 20 minutes later we found our camera in the middle of downtown!, that is impossible for somebody normal!! ha ha ha ha! Thank you for being in my life! Yes! We can handle it. Problems are not problems if you say they are not. I love you all!

  2. Avatar

    Marianne, Netherlands

    Thank you Thank you Thank you…So amazing… just now your email came in. I joined the Flor de Lis Peace movement. It started to rain enormously and I had seen earlier today the wind make a little spiral tornado movement of the sand.. my mind got the message tornado just pop up and are there, just like that. Now the heavy waterrainfall came with heavy lightning and strong power and I stood up with the knowing if I let this be in my fear what it can be, this can harm us people.
    So I started to stand up and I told the north the west the south the east I put the Flor the Lis on this situation then 4 times more I said to each direction: Northeast I put the flor de lis on this situation, to the eastsouth direction I said I put the Flor de Lis on this situation. The rain was banging on the windows, the lightning was strong, it was darker, and I told my fear with a strong voice I put the Flor de lis on this situation to all directions, 8 in total. And it is done. Then I turned swirling round Thank you I love you Thank you I love you and it calmed down. Now within 15 min the rain has stopped. For me this is a miracle. Thank you for the Flor de Lis to clear all situations.and catastrophes before they fulfill.
    Thank you so much Flor de Lis for being on this situation.Thank you Mabel and Mirta. Thank you for this beautifull moment in time. Thank you all helpers so much Thank you Thank you Thank you And it is done. Lightswitch Dewdrops All Coleurs xxxxx to you all.

  3. Avatar

    Erika, Hungary

    When the miracle happens.
    I am a hairdresser and I became a hairdresser because I grew up watching my family do the same. I am the third generation of this profession in my family. My grandfather, my grandmother, my mother and my aunt are also sculptors of hair. For us hair means creativity, crafting and self-realization. Braiding has always been one of my favorite activities and I got plenty of compliments at home for braiding technique.
    Then out of the blue, in my fifties, I got an idea that I would like to make the longest braid ever made and this sparked my thoughts. I started to see opportunities and numerous kind people volunteered to assist me in setting up this record. When I got stuck, I either got help from somebody or a new possibility revealed itself. There was no stopping me. I knew I would succeed.
    The time arrived to break the record and despite smaller difficulties, everything worked out as it had been planned. Everybody on the team was working diligently, I only had to braid. In three hours, the unbelievable happened! I created the world’s longest braid, 23.6 m long, made of hair from 52 people, and I became a Hungarian record holder.
    By this time I had been practicing the Ho’oponopono for 3 years. I finished Mabel’s ‘40 days and 40 nights’ program 7 days before I broke the record. I felt that I could easily accept any kind of outcome.
    Thank you!

  4. Avatar

    Felicia, Argentina

    Hi Mabel! I’m your follower as always and I am more than convinced that this technique works miracles. I want to tell you a story of many that I have. I’m going to turn 50 next January, 15th so my kids and my husband decided to organize a party. We celebrated it in advance because now I’m going to Brazil. We started organizing the event; we paid the salon, and the catering and music. We distributed the invitations. A day before my husband tells me he is not able to get the money to pay all we have to pay, that it is a lot of money. I started saying “I love you, I love you, I love you, I let go and I let God”. That same day a client paid him a check that goes directly to pay the drinks. The celebration day came and still we didn’t get the money l needed for the party but I kept repeating “I love you”, and “thank you” My oldest daughter got another check to pay the music and later on a client of my husband called him to go to pick up another check he owed him. This happened half hour before the company closed its doors, my son arrived just on time. We finally had all our expenses paid. All the people were surprised to see how things got resolved. I can only say that it’s a miracle.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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