Zero Frequency LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA Audios

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Join Mabel & Special Guest Dr. Ihaleakalá in this audio, where you can FREE yourself by reaching the state of Zero Frequency®.

*(Included in 7 Days with Mabel and Special Guest Dr. Ihaleakalá)

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Zero Frequency® LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA*

*(Included in 7 Days with Mabel and Special Guest Dr. Ihaleakalá)

Presented by Mabel & Dr. Ihaleakalá as Special Guest
Set yourself FREE from YOURSELF and become the real YOU by attuning to the state of Zero Frequency®.

Reconnect with the energy that is already naturally inside you. Live your life in perfect harmony, have peace beyond all understanding and find the success and happiness you deserve.

Listen to this “Attuning to Your Zero Frequency® “ seminar and learn to go back to ZERO with Mabel Katz and Dr. Hew Len.

Let Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel take you in a journey of self-discovery.

You will find The Easiest Way to discover:

  • Who you really are
  • Your passions
  • What your soul is really searching for
  • Your inner power

4 reviews for Zero Frequency LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA Audios

  1. Avatar

    Vanina A. Alonso, Italy

    Hi there.
    Thank you, Mabel, for listening to me today. Today was a terrible day, nothing could lift my morale. Something inside me told me to consult Mabel. I assure you a miracle happened. It’s only been 5 minutes since I contacted her, and a special sensation came from my head down to my toes, a sensation I’ve never felt before, Unexplainable. Since that moment, everything changed, an amazing energy came over me and I started to do many things at once. I felt immense happiness. After I spoke with her, I started to feel so much better. I’m starting to see things clearer and with a different perspective. I’ve been practicing Ho’oponopono for one year now and I can honestly tell you that things in my life have changed, though, I still have relapses. When I see that I give God permission things start to come to me in a way I would have never imagined. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  2. Avatar

    Zulay, Venezuela

    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Mabel, for such a good book.
    I have many short stories to share with all of you, due to practicing Ho’oponopono.
    This is one of them: I’m a nurse. I was on duty the day it happened. I usually go to work on foot. That night, my bones were hurting. The doctors had diagnosed me with “chikungunya”, a kind of virus that makes you to be immobilized for approximately four days. I had no money for a taxi, so I had to walk. Little by little I started feeling pain from the illness. My son was with me that day, I mentioned to him that I did not know how I was going to come back to work the next day (I’m used to working at nights). Suddenly, I remembered a testimony I had read in your blog about a young lady who left everything in the hands of the Universe. So I let go, I gave permission, and I cleaned. I cleaned as much as I could on my way to the hospital. As I arrived to the hospital, I looked at the ground and found money on the floor, money I could use for my return trip. Somebody must have lost it. As far as I’m concerned, nobody complained about it. I had money only for the taxi and some pills. Ho’oponopono is Wonderful!! Thank you!

  3. Avatar

    Myra, Mexico

    Aloha Mabel,
    When I realize how miraculous this system is, I cannot help writing.
    I told you about the problem I was experiencing with Mary, the woman who helps at my daughter’s house, I had it for 7 months, and “prayed” day and night since I knew the Ho’oponopno about 45 days ago.
    It turns out that this morning Mary came into my room to ask what I wanted for breakfast. I was stunned, because we didn’t speak each other at all. She offered me some tamales she had bought on Sunday and Sprite, I accepted it, yet she offered me her services, and asked me to request whatever I needed, since she had passed a similar story with the death of her mother.
    This is miraculous, no doubt. I hope to give you the news soon, about the “cleaning” from the root of this cancer that affects me.
    I have no words to thank you and your great team of collaborators for all the help and support I receive.
    Thank you, thank you.

  4. Avatar

    Ange Kaur, Mexico

    Hey Mabel,
    The situation with my husband is not solved yet, but you know what? I’ve been trusting, letting go and cleaning so much that I lived a miracle:
    I cried and cried during 3 days and when I said “God, I give all these feelings to you”, something happened: I saw the door of my bedroom opening and a very large and bright light came in, it got closer and went into my heart. At dawn next morning, there was no pain, no sadness, only a deep love and great peace.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks.
    Thanks Mabel, for being in my life.

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