Conference w/Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len and Mabel Katz CD


Live Ho’oponopono seminar in Los Angeles with Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel (English with spanish translation).

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This audio is part of a Ho’oponopono live seminar which Mabel held with Dr. Ihaleakalá in Los Angeles, CA. This includes a section where Mabel translated Dr. Ihaleakalá’s English presentation into Spanish.

As always, there is great inspiration and clarifications from Dr. Ihaleakalá when he answers questions from the audience.

This is a wonderful opportunity to listen to Dr. Ihaleakala’s inspiration.

There is plenty of cleaning, heartfelt stories, wisdom, guidance, and a true path to infinite abundance for all.

A must-listen for all those seeking divine inspiration.

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