CD's and DVD's

  • Mabel-Katz-Dr.Ihaleakala-CD

    Ho’oponopono Seminar with Dr. Ihaleakalá
    Live Audios CD


    Live Ho’oponopono seminar in Los Angeles with Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel (English with spanish translation).

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  • Love and Understanding Institute
    Audios CD


    In this LIVE conference, Mabel shares how to resolve issues & Dr. Ihaleakalá reminds us who we are & addresses our relationship w/ money.

    *(CD Version)

    Love and Understanding Institute


    Love & Understanding

    This is a live presentation by Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel at the Love & Understanding Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

    The first part of the lecture is Mabel´s introduction to Ho´oponopono.

    The second part is Dr. Ihaleakalá’s presentation where he shares his great inspiration as always, as well as a very powerful tool for the domain of money.


    Learn how to:

    • Heal hurtful memories without having to replay them.
    • Attract the right people and ideal situations into your life.
    • Create inner peace, happiness, and balance, moment by moment.
    • Better understand yourself and uncover your identity.

    Come, wake up and discover the amazing power of your own mind…

    and how you can use it to achieve peace of mind.


  • The Easiest Way
    Audio CD


    In this 2-CD package, Mabel answers questions about life’s expectations, as it deals with issues such as faith, money, fear and love.

    The Easiest Way



    The Easiest Way is a practical guide for applying spiritual principles to overcome blocks and to help us have what we want in life.

    Based on an ancient art from the Hawaiian culture, Ho’oponopono premise that life is easy, we are the ones making and we can learn to stop getting in our way.

    The Easiest Way gives refreshing options for resolving problems and teaches us how problems become problems and the easiest and quickest way to solve them. It answers questions about life’s expectations as it directly deals with such issues as faith, money, fear and love.

    The book is easy to read, and well organized, providing practical approaches for:

    • Deleting negative programs that impact on plans, goals, decisions and results.
    • Being open and flexible to receive ideal solutions through inspiration.
    • Mentally retuning oneself to release the beliefs that make life stressful.

    • Being more effective and productive.

    • Having peace of mind no matter what is going on around you.
  • Renew-U from the comfort of your home
    Digital Videos DVD


    Renew-U from the comfort of your home! Bilingual Event – English & Español – DVD.

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  • The Sounds of Hawaii
    Audio CD and Video DVD


    Environmental/Nature, Dolphins, Whales and More… Let the music play and clean. This Music will clean when you forget to clean.

    The Sounds of Hawaii

    CD’s & DVD’s

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    When you play this beautiful music, it will help you clean when you forget to.

    Listen to:




    and more…

    Listen to a sample: