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    Music for the soul
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    Music for the soul

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  • Ho’oponopono Webinar in English with Croatian Translation
    Digital Videos


    Learn to let go of problems and attract more peace and happiness into your life.

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    Zero Frequency


    This audiobook shows you how to flow easily and live a more conscious and meaningful life, as well as find many answers to life’s problems.

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  • Bundle: Zero Frequency
    Digital Audios


    You can free yourself from yourself by Attuning to your Zero Frequency®. Reconnect with the energy that is already naturally inside you. Live your life in harmony and realize what is right and perfect for you.

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  • ZFparte2

    Zero Frequency Series
    Part Two

    Digital Audios


    We go deeper into that profound connection you have with your Inner Child. It’s your most important relationship in creating what you want.

    Includes: 5 hours 15 minutes of audio podcasts & 4 Action Guides.

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  • ZFparte1

    Zero Frequency Series
    Part One

    Digital Audios


    You remove your limiting beliefs and start living the life you deserve by attending our 4-week “Attuning to Your Zero Frequency®” Teleseminar Series with Mabel Katz.

    Includes: 5 hours 30 minutes of audio podcasts & 4 Action Guides.

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  • Universal Laws and Ho’oponopono
    Digital Audios


    Learn how to work with the Laws of the Universe. You will discover how the flow of life can take you to what’s right for you.
    Available in Macedonian.

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  • Hooponopono Podcast Thumbnail 800x800

    Three Ho’oponopono
    Q & A

    Digital Audios


    If you’re new to Ho’oponopono, these 3 podcasts will answer some of your questions on where to start in the most common areas of life!

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  • Global Experiential

    Digital Audios


    “Imagine creating wealth, love, and happiness beyond your wildest dreams!
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  • Three Podcasts with Kamailelauli'l Thumbnail 800x800

    Kamailelauli’I ‘s cleaning teleclass
    Digital Audios


    In these podcasts, you will receive Kamailelauli’l’s blessings of her cleaning as well as new & amazing tools that come to her.

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  • 8 Weeks Success Series-Thumbnail 800x800

    The Easiest Way to Peaceful Relationships, Wealth and Success
    Digital Audios


    8 podcasts with over 13 hours of Ho’oponopono on everything from cleaning, to taking care of yourself, from laughing with Cyrus Ontiki to your inner child. The life changing experience you were looking for.

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  • Bundle: Zero Frequency Coaching Series & LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA
    Digital Audios


    Join Mabel & Special Guest Dr. Ihaleakalá in this audio, where you can FREE yourself by reaching the state of Zero Frequency®.

    Bundle: Podcast & LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA


    It is time to let go of what is not working, time to stop directing your destiny to places you don’t want to go… Are you ready to let go and be in the flow? It is easy, just Let Go and Let God take you the destiny of your dreams. Did you know that All your decisions are based on your judgments, opinions and expectations that were acquired through your memories? Your memories create your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create your destiny. It is time to let go of those memories and let God. So, take action NOW, allow God to clean away the memories controlling your thoughts, actions and destiny! It is so important to remind ourselves how to live at Zero Frequency. How would you like to supercharge the path that leads to the Zero Zone?
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    Listen to these two 90-minute private teleweb-trainings that will deepen your relationship with the one you need to love the most ~ yourself.


    Some of the themes we touched during the two-class tele-series include:

    •  How your relationship with Money truly reflects what you think about yourself.
    • How to use Cleaning techniques more effectively.
    • What you truly lode and how to manifest it.
    • How to live with greater freedom and abundant joy

    Find The Easiest Way to:

    • Stop procrastination
    • Create a new paradigm for yourself
    • Let go of all habits that attract the opposite of what you want in your life
    • Be in balance and in the flow
    • Learn why we fail and the secret to success, so next time you can be more conscious and stop yourself from stop doing what doesn’t work and start making better choices in your life.
    • You will discover that obstacles in your life are actually great opportunities.

    Find The Easiest Way to:

    Now you receive 7-hours audio (MP3), Handout (PDF) & 2 Action Guides (PDF) Listen NOW to the complete package that will take you to the next level !!!
  • 04 thumbnail GO TO ZERO W ZF copia-min

    Zero Frequency Coaching Series
    Digital Audios


    NOW you can Reach ZERO and break through barriers, balance life, get rid of stress and finally start living life at its fullest potential.

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    Zero Frequency Coaching in English with Russian Translation
    Digital Audios


    At Zero you will find the courage to follow your passion, let go of negative programming, trust yourself, live in faith, walk with gratitude and live life at its fullest potential.
    (English w/ Russian translation)

    Coaching Zero Frequency

    Podcast in English w/ Translation in Russian


    Your Key to Financial Fulfillment and Personal Happiness

    At Zero you will find the courage to follow your passion, let go of negative programming, trust yourself, live in faith, walk with gratitude and live life at its fullest potential.

    At Zero is where the real magic happens!

    Mabel Katz will give you access to powerful tools to help you let go and erase the memories replaying that have been holding you back so you can let Inspiration transform your life.

    During this podcast you will discover:

    • Different processes that will help you to let go more.
    • How to ask in the right way for the right kind of help.
    • How to look for the experience when you will know that there is nobody against you.
    • How money messages you heard or what you saw and/or experienced about money are controlling you and affecting the flow of abundance in your life right now.
  • 40 Days & 40 Nights
    Digital Audios & Videos


    Change your Habits and Change your Destiny. Join me for 40 days and 40 nights of inspiration and fun as you discover more of who you truly are.

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  • Laugh and Heal-Special Guest Cyrus-Thumbnail 800x800

    Laugh and Heal
    with special guest: Cyrus

    Digital Audios


    Cyrus will give you the best recipe to start your day and will teach you the proper way to start your engine. You will discover that laughter will help you to stay present and pleasant and to let go of attachments.

    Ho’oponopono Q&A Podcasts



    Research indicates that laughter can increase pain tolerance and immune function, reduce stress hormones, improve circulation, burn calories and reduce blood sugar.

    Check If You Usually Make These Mistakes When A Problem Shows Up In Your Life:

    • Do you worry?
    • Do you think about it?
    • Do you talk about it?
    • Do you try to figure it out?
    • Do you ask yourself, why me?

    Find The Easiest Way to:

    Did you forget that problems are actually Blessings in disguise?


    You have to become Sane NOW. You have to become YOU again.


    Joy is AWARENESS!


    Cyrus will give you the best recipe to start your day and will teach you the proper way to start your engine You will discover that laughter will help you to stay present and pleasant and to let go of attachments.


    * FREE if you sign up for the Zero Frequency Tele-Coaching Series.
    worshipping god

    Why is it so important to laugh about your problems?

    Have you ever noticed that the first thing you do when you have fear is holding your breath? When you are not breathing, you’re not in the flow. When you’re not in the flow, you’re stuck and things get more difficult. You cannot breathe for the past and you cannot breathe for the future. If you’re breathing, you’re Present. Learn how to be Present. When you’re in the Present, you have everything you need and you don’t have anything to worry about. HA is the perfect Breath. HA brings you to the Present. HA, HA, HA, HA will help you detach and become an observer. When you are able to observe, you are able to see the whole picture.

    When you see the whole picture, you are able to see your problems as:

    • opportunities
    • blessings
    • a way of finding who you really are
    • the possibility to be in the Zero Frequency®

    Everything you are looking for, all the solutions to your problems and the answers to your questions are in that Zero Frequency® .

    Let go and let God through laughter and you’ll be amazed with the results.

    I hope you enjoy listening to this call, get a good laughter and put it in practice.

    I wish you peace beyond understanding,

    Mabel Katz



    Special guest, Cyrus Ontiki, aka U.R. Love, and Mabel Katz. You will learn how to be in the Present and laugh at your problems. You cannot listen to Cyrus Ontiki, the Laughing Yoga Instructor, without laughing. Impossible!

    We dare you to be in a bad mood afterwards

    Since HA is the highest Energy vibration in the Universe, Cyrus invites you to laugh and shows you how laughter leads to love… with every breath in love, joy, peace and light, and to acknowledge that light is in all beings and all situations. Even during this economical crisis we can laugh and let go. When we let go, we can be in that Zero Frequency®. Like Ho’oponopono, Cyrus sees the 3 most important “foods” as Sun, Breath and Water. Cyrus explains that through laughter, we begin to rebuild the “Muscle Memory” of laughter, the perfect breath that may be a little rusty because we haven’t used it much. Laughter is an amazing tool to get through some hard times. Listen as Mabel explains why laughter can put you back into the flow so you can attract what is right and perfect for you The Easiest Way.

    No breath, we die, low breath we cry, high breath we fly~ Cyrus Ontiki

    Cyrus will give you the best recipe to start your day and will teach you the proper way to start your engine. You will discover that laughter will help you to stay present and pleasant and to let go of attachments.