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Photo Album 2014

Zero Frequency Seminar in Madrid- Spain

Zero Frequency, Budapest- Hungary

Ho'oponopono Seminar, Budapest- Hungary

Zero Frequency at the Auditorium of the DIF Tlalnepantla

The Last Supper in Tulum- Mexico

Celebrating and letting go in Tulum- Mexico

Working and cleaning for La Paz, Tulum- Mexico

Practicing Trust

Visit to COBA

Ho'oponopono Seminar in Tulum- Mexico

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Zero Frequency seminar in Bogota - Colombia

On the street of happiness with the artists

Zero Frequency seminar in Buenos Aires- Argentina

In Sarajevo at the Peace Events

Mabel with the boys

Seminar in Tel Aviv

Interview, Budapest- Hungary

Ho'oponopono Conference in Monterrey- Mexico


Radio W 690 AM

Fundraising Event

With the Cucuy radio W 690 - Los Angeles

Azteca América TV - Coffee Break Program

On CNN Latino

Renew U Super Seminar IV - Los Angeles

National Auditorium

Televisa - Mexico

Reunion in New York

Ho'oponopono in Mexico City

Conference at the Albert Einstein University - Mexico

Presentation at the DIF - Guadalajara

Televisa Guadalajara

PAS Foundation - Business Women

Events in Guadalajara- Mexico