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Monthly Ho’oponopono Q&A Sessions included

Each month, I  present a live teleclasswhere I share insights on a special topic. I will guide you to easier ways to clean the memories that are on the way of attracting more peace, happiness and abundance in an easier way. The Q&A session also gives you a chance to get your specific question answered.

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See What Current Members are Raving About


Thank you Mabel. As I grow more aware by using this amazing site and cleaning I find I am growing more peaceful. I clean as I read about what is posted and watch your videos. I am so grateful. Thank you. It’s an art to take 100% responsibility..I am practicing. Thank you and this group of light workers. Your last Q&A I found myself feeling so much lighter. I loved it. Thank you!! I love you.

– Sharon, USA


Hello Mabel, I recently joined the membership and participated in your last month’s call. I have to tell you that my favorite thing is the Gold Library! Those calls have brought so much clarity to my intellect. Thank you!! I am also enjoying the daily inspiration cards and the audio tips library. I took advantage of the special discount for members and got the 40 Days and 40 Nights program – I am on day 13 so far, and I love it! I am so grateful for these resources to help me remember to let go and trust! Thank You! Thank you I love you.

– Katie, USA


I am so grateful for the Ho’ oponopono Forum. I put a parking ticket under the glass of water and the penalty charge notice has been cancelled. It just seems like magic. Today I chose not to worry and to let go and let God. Thank you Thank you Thank you I love you I love you I love you

– Ilaya, United Kingdom


I love the support here!!! Thank you guys and may your dreams come true!!!

– Randy, Philippines


Thank you again Mabel for the amazing work you do. I have just come off my first live call with you and feel honored and grateful that you answered my question about my son so beautifully and powerfully. Thank you also for taking time out of your vacation!!! I hope to see you in person in Europe sometime soon Thank you thank you thank you.

– Helen, UK


Dear All, I have been doing Ho’ooponoponofor a few years already, this is the easiest way, the answer to my life. I only would like to share with you that today, at this very moment I do not have any problems at all, no health problems, no money problems, no love problems, neither my loved ones. I’m happy and I’m free. I continue cleaning constantly, I am sure that my inner child is very used to clean all the time with me. I love you all for this wonderful community that has made a bigger net to catch all the memories. I love you memories, thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you, I love you, I love you, thank you thank you, thank you.

– Vania, France

Meet Mabel Katz

Studying and traveling with Ho’oponopono Master Teacher Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Mabel greatly deepened her level of understanding. During this time, Mabel was exposed 24 hours a day for more than a decade to the “Secret beyond the Secrets” of this ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving known as Ho’oponopono. She saw the need for this in other people’s lives and decided to put this education to work for others. She began to travel the globe, teaching the inspiring and life-changing benefits of what she describes as, “The Easiest Way.”

From that foundation, she designed her unique workshops to bring her wisdom and gifts to a variety of audiences across the planet. She also authored her first book, The Easiest Way, which has received widespread praise from readers and thought leaders alike. In her talks she often shares how she has used what she has learned to move into a fulfilling and successful life of travel, speaking and working with others to create the lives they only dared to imagine.

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