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Ho’oponopono Clean and Erase


NOW with the Ho’oponopono Application, letting go of your Problems is more Practical, Effective and FUN!

Ho’oponopono Works for Everybody. Choose to be Happy and at Peace no matter what is going on around YOU.

You will benefit with Mabel’s Ho’oponopono cleaning.
Let go, relax and allow yourself to be guided NOW.

Regular Price: $4.99
Limited Time Offer : $2.99*
* One time payment

Note: The application will be installed in your device’s language.
Available in English, Spanish and Hungarian.

Listen to what Janett Arceo says about the Ho'oponopono Application

The new Ho'oponopono app is a Great Gift.
Let your loved ones benefit from the cleaning.

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Ljilja, Serbian


Dear Mabel, I want to tell you about me and your amazing cleaning application. I got it one week ago, and I LOVE IT! I’m cleaning all day, it’s a lot of fun. Tomorrow we have a situation here, it’s about violent government represion protests. Whenever I hear the news, I just start to clean, I continue for a few hours! I repeat it. I have a good time with the cleaning, and laugh a lot, even if the situation is not so much fun. And then, the next day, the violence stopped! I believe in miracles and I witnessed lot of them, but this was such a quick urgency that it surprised me. Thank you for this wonderful and very mighty tool! I LOVE YOU! ❤️ Thank you!

Agustina, Romania


I bought and downloaded the Ho’oponopono application. I like it very much. It’s very funny and interesting. I’m at peace when I use it. It may sound a little weird but it’s as if I felt its magic power when I was writing the problem on it. I spent all the night “playing” with it until I had no problems left, and then I started to find more. Thank you.

Claudia Cortés, USA

Great and funny app This is something really fun for us, my Inner Child and me. We are having good time erasing memories to be more at peace while we have fun playing together. Congrats Mabel and Thank you for this wonderful phone application..

Barathi, Malaysia


Hi Mabel, thank you for the application (clean & erase). I never felt lighter, after flushing and launching my problems, I smile now . I am going to make this as a practice to let go of the irritations in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Misshel, Venezuela

I also have the application and I love it. Fun techniques to let go, erase and be happy . Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Maria Marcela, Argentina

This application is wonderful, not only me but also my intellect enjoy seeing how the problems go away. Thank you Mabel for this opportunity.

Esther, Mexico

Thank you once again Mabel, for this new App. My inner child and I are having a good time. I laugh and enjoy seeing how the problems go away through the toilet, in the hot-air balloon or in the ocean. Every time I see how thoughts I write are erased and the screen gets white, if this really happens whenever I use a cleaning tool, I have no doubt that Ho’opoonopono works even if I can’t see it.
Believe me, it’s funny and amazing. Give it a try.
Thank you. I love you. Thank you.

Maria, USA

I love the cleaning through the cell phone… I Love it!
It looks unreal how the emotion goes away once I write it down.
Thanks again.