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7 Days with Mabel: A Special Audio Collection
7 Great audio recordings put together specifically for you to help you realize your dreams.

I hope you are on this page because you are someone who wants more out of life.I hope that somewhere deep in the core of who you are there is an individual who is looking to fulfill their dreams, realize their potential, discover their power, and find the magic of life.

Am I right?
(Keep reading if I am)

Of course, the real question is not if you want more out of life. 

The real question is why haven’t you achieved it?
What is holding you back and keeping you from the life you deserve?

The answer is clear my friend: you simply need to remind yourself
that this life is already waiting for you. You just need to claim it.
And, if you’ll let me, I’d like to help.
I have put together a collection of 7 uniquely energized audio recordings to help remind you
of your Divinity and Power. I want to help you claim Peace, Happiness, and Abundance.
You can call it my gentle nudge to a better life.

7 Days. 7 Conversations.
7 Magical Steps Toward the Life You Imagine.

Each audio is uniquely designed to help you start realizing your dreams immediately.

And it is no coincidence that there are 7 audio conversations.
In many spiritual practices, the number 7 is related to the Divinity.
In the Hawaiian culture, the number 7 means “One with God.”
I couldn’t think of a better place from which you can begin to create your dreams.
This collection of conversations has been specially curated just for you. They are a compilation of my best audio recordings, all in one convenient place. They contain Ho’oponopono basic concepts, tools, and plenty of inspiration, which will connect you with your own Divinity.
All in just 7 days.
During this magical week, we will be reviewing some of the most important teachings of
Ho’oponopono, which I am sure will give you the answers you seek, and the pathway you
need to attract Peace, Happiness, and Abundance in your life.
Come… Share 7 Days with Me and My Special Guest, Dr. Ihaleakalá
& Start Living the Life You Deserve.
Your Time Is Now!

The collection includes:

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How to Work with your Inner Child - Special Guest: Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

On this 2-hour enlightening presentation, you will hear, not just the importance of working with your Inner Child, but HOW TO WORK with your Inner Child to Be At Zero where Divinity resides. As questions are presented on the call, you will hear exactly HOW Dr. Ihaleakalá & Mabel would clean in different situations, and what they say to their Inner Child to enlist their help to clean and erase replaying memories. You learn specifically HOW TO talk to your Inner Child to release the memories that have been stored in the subconscious mind for eons and BE FREE.
Length: 110 minutes.

Regular Price:

US $77

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A New Year, A New Opportunity to CLEAN- Special Guest: Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

This audio will get you ready for a new year, new beginnings, and new opportunities. Not just once a year, but EVERY DAY! This is not an interview, but Dr. Ihaleakalá & Mabel answering specific questions with specific CLEANING tools, offering an inspiring message for all. They share a specific physical Cleaning tool to use for money and abundance. Among the topics they discuss: Our perception of Mother Earth, procrastination, how to sell a house (your own or properties you have listed), foreclosures, women’s hatred of men on a subconscious level, how to teach “things” to do the Cleaning for you, meditation and much more… Length: 97 minutes.

Regular Price: US $77
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The Easiest Way to Wealth and Success - Special Guest: Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

People are desperately seeking powerful tools that are going to help them to finally balance their lives, break through their subconscious blocks and create more Peace, Harmony & Happiness in their experience. Now you have an opportunity to tap into the power of Ho’oponopono cleaning tools to take your life to the next level of success and excellence! In this powerful audio, you will have access to one of the most powerful transformational tools available today. This is your chance to break through your barriers to success, greatly reduce your stress, and tap into an amazing power (that is within YOU) to create your life the way you desire and deserve.
Length: 82 minutes.

Regular Price: US $87
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Ho'oponopono Techniques for Problem Solving - Special Guest: Dr. Ihalakealá Hew Len

A life-changing audio recording plus a downloadable Action Guide. Go back to zero, get inspired, and get exactly what is perfect and right for you! During this two-hour Ho’oponopono TeleWebcast, many great new Ho’oponopono tools came up, tools for dealing with panic, fear, worry, feeling overwhelmed and even suicide. Also, learn “how to” clean before clients and patients show up, strengthen your relationship with God, talk to Divinity,  deal with being overweight and diets,  communicate with animals, work with family members, and much more.
Length: 120 minutes.

Regular Price:

US $67

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LIVE Seminar

Zero Frequency® LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA

Listen to  the “Attuning to Your Zero Frequency® “  LIVE seminar and learn to go back to ZERO. Set yourself FREE from YOURSELF and become the real YOU by attuning to the state of Zero Frequency®.  Find The Easiest Way to discover: Who you really are, your passions, what your soul is really searching for, and your  inner power. Reconnect with the energy that is already naturally inside you. This is your journey to self-discovery. Live your life in perfect harmony, have peace beyond all  understanding, and find the success and happiness you deserve. 
Length: 197 minutes.

Regular Price: US $55
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Conference Dr Ihaleakala2

Ho'oponopono LIVE Conference with Dr. Ihaleakalá & Mabel at the Love and Understanding Institute

Recorded from a LIVE presentation in Los Angeles, CA, the first part of the lecture is Mabel´s great introduction to Ho´oponopono and explanation on how to apply it to resolve all kind of issues. The second part is Dr. Ihaleakalá’s presentation where he expands on Ho’oponopono practices, reminds us who we are, addresses our relationship with money and shares a great tool for money problems.
Length: 100 minutes.

Regular Price: US $24.95
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Dr Ihaleakala

Unlock your Full Potential - Special Guest: Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

Are you stressed out? Do you have challenges in your life you can’t overcome? Do you wish life wasn’t such a struggle? This audio recording is your chance to find the right tools and unlock your full potential. Discover how the flow of life can take you to the right place at the right time with the right people. During this recording, you will also find out how Ho’oponopono works on curses, dealing with physical pain, what it means to let go, how to find your own tools, manage expectations, build trust, and much more.
Length: 76 minutes.

Regular Price: US $55

What our 7 Days with Mabel students say about this program

Since I’ve been listening to Mabel Katz’ 7 Days audios, I feel so much better. I get the answers to what I am looking for or get guidance. It’s quite extraordinary. Today, I saw 2 young children crying loudly as they had lost their mom. In my mind I put the Cross on this situation and asked God to help. I told the children not to worry. As we walked around the corner, the children saw their mom. I felt so relieved and my heart melted. I felt immense gratitude to God and became humbled by the experience. Service.

~ Ilaya, UK
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I just wanted to stop by and express all my love and appreciation for the “7 Days with Mabel” collection of audio sessions! I purchased that package a few days ago and they’ve been an absolute pleasure! Thank you! I am about finished with these and they have been so useful and uplifting, and have re-ignited my continuous cleaning with such inspiration! It is now quite obvious to me that Divinity sent these recordings to me for that purpose, as it became clear to me that I had started to be more and more focused on the tediousness of my daily cleaning, than on the profound implications, effects and meaning that is behind this sacred and beautiful activity/practice of Cosmic Service.

~ Jean-Marc, USA
THANK YOU, MABEL! Just a note to let you know how much I have been enjoying your “7 Days with Mabel” program. It happened to come to me in perfect, divine timing, just when I needed to be reminded of the importance of cleaning. You and Dr. Ihaleakalá have such special magic, and I treasure the beautiful audios with all my heart. I hope you will make additional recordings available in the near future, illuminating the miracles of Ho’oponopono, and the blessings of cleaning. I Love You.

~ Pam, USA
Peace of I Mabel. The 7 day audio collection that you have put together is nothing short of superb . Thank You for doing your Cleaning Mabel and for being willing to be 100% responsible.

~ Scott, USA
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and get unlimited access to more than 14 hours of valuable digital audio content
Worth over US $442.95 at a Special Price of ONLY US $147.

Now for a Limited Time Only! Save $50 with coupon code: 7dayscoupon

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What They're Saying?​

kathie usa 1

I want you to know that I had an incredible breakthrough last night after listening to you. I have been in a legal battle for a year over my house. I have been resisting and blocking my blessings. My prayers were answered and I found my peace. I am blessed to hear from you. Thank you!

 Kathie, USA

almastnetherlands 1
Looking back at your last workshop, I became soft. I am deeply grateful for finding my way back to this softness. Since that workshop, I’ve had many moments in this soft state. I can clearly see how many times I have failed in this lifetime. But, now I am grateful for the failures. Because I didn’t stop.

Almast, Netherlands