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The Easiest Way to Abundance, Peace and Happiness.

Teleclass in English with Russian Translation
Recorded on Thursday October 15, 2015

I understand you have been trying to get more out of life…but sometimes you feel like you are going in circles. Trust me I have been there and let me tell you now…you do not have to figure everything out on your own!

18 years ago I was not traveling the world teaching seminars, I was an accountant who was shocked to find out how angry I was. That’s when I went searching for a better way and after trying many things I found Ho’oponopono and it changed my life. Now I am making it available for you to learn in this teleclass.

The Easiest Way to Abundance, Peace and Happiness.

Join me to get support expanding yourself and Find out who YOU Really Are. 

If you are looking for more joy in your personal life, satisfaction in business, success, money, peace of mind and peaceful relationships, then you should join us for in this teleclass where Mabel will show you how to make all this part of your daily reality, and much more.

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Let go of your past! Live in the present and change your life forever!

Silent “old memories” that come from limited thoughts that have been continuously recording deep in your subconscious mind blocking you from getting what you desire…
Expand your own creativity and inspiration, so that your next great idea can come to you easily, and you can trust every step you take.

Be sure to let your friends know and encourage them to sign up for this life changing experience NOW.

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Class duration: 120 minutes

Read what people that participated are saying!

As soon as I received the teleclass’s action guide and began to read the prayer “I am I,” in less than a second a dove knocked on the glass of my window. Of course, I was shocked, but continued my cleaning. I felt that it was a good sign. The Universe is constantly sending us signs and clues, and our task is to learn to see and hear them.This Teleclass was held at a very high level. Even through it was through the Internet, I could feel teacher Mabel Katz’s field. It was powerful and memorable. I can’t wait to see the image of her field and aura at the her next live seminar in Moscow. I am really looking forward with anticipation.I also want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful and master translation of Nalani Baskatti.

Dmitry, Ukraine

Excellent opportunity to clean! I started learning Ho’oponopono in 2011. My first steps were not very confident. I practiced every day and learned to keep myself in the here and now. My next conscious breakthrough, Mabel, took place at your seminar… I’ve got answers to many of my questions and you inspired me, Mabel! I’ve got harmony and faith in my inner forces! My life took a new conscious meaning! Raising my son I changed relationships, let go of so much control, and I added love and support for him. We live in love. And I can say, I raised a real man of my son! Today I feel I am a new person. I live the easiest way. The Universe cares about me! Everything is going great in the right place and at the right time! I’m in the flow of the most favorable change!

Irina, Moscow

It was a real delight to hear how Nalani and Mabel were talking with each other. The way you communicated with Mabel made me feel that we all are home people of one big family in a warm atmosphere where everybody is has a relaxed body and soul.

Ekaterina, Russia

This Teleclass with you, Mabel, was undoubtedly an invaluable gift to all who practice Ho’oponopono! Thank you for sharing with us the deep nuances of the method. Mabel, every word came from your heart and motivates me to be humble and grateful. Your words inspire me to receive Divine gifts every day, and move me forward in the direction of positive life changes. Thank you so much!

Marina, Russia

Mabel, a good day!!! The first time I attended the teleclass and it was very interesting. I took huge pleasure listening to you. My dream is to come to the workshop and to meet you in person. Thank you! Peace and prosperity to you! With respect and gratitude.

Galina, Russia

I listened to the teleclass while I was driving and I felt the words not only went through my mind, but my entire body. I was relaxed, no thoughts, I felt happy and peaceful. It was a great reminder to hear one more time: “Trust and let go. You can be sure God wants to help you. He has been waiting for a long time to bring you the best. That idea made me feel even more pleasant.

Sergey, Russia

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