Finally, a book that transforms the human experience! In this book, you’ll discover how ordinary people overcame life’s greatest challenges and lived to become thankful for them. If your heart has been broken and it seems impossible to mend it, there is hope. If darkness seems to surround you, there is hope. If no one seems to understand your pain, there is hope. The stories inside this book are truly amazing. Discover why many are calling “Thank God I…” the most significant contribution to the spirit of humanity in centuries.

“Thank God I…” Vol. 1 includes an introductory chapter by Dr. John Demartini, “Gratitude: The Way to Experience Love and Fulfillment in All Seven Areas of Life.”

Mabel is one of the contributing authors and her chapter is

“Thank God I Left My Kids.”

“Thank God I…” was the Amazon Inspirational Best Seller for 2 days.



*Free Chapters*

*Gratitude: The Key to Experiencing Love and Fulfillment*

Dr. John Demartini (featured in The Secret)

*Thank God My Mother Died*

John Castagnini (Founder & CEO of Thank God I)

*Thank God I Left My Kids*

Mabel Katz

*Thank God My Husband Died*

LuAn Mitchell

*Thank God My Husband was an Alcoholic*

Katherine Scherer

*Thank God I had Breast Cancer*

Olivia Parr-Rud

Thank God I had a Liver Transplant

Loni Orth

Thank God I Was Let Go Of My Job

Deborah Brown-Volkman

Thank God I Had a Catastrophe

Pierette Dominica Simpson

Thank God I Came from a Dysfunctional Family

Nina Howard

Thank God I Love Being Me

Carol Goddard

Thank God I had a Miscarriage

Sarah Farrant

Thank God For Accidents

Maisie Vultaggio

Thank God I Had Breast Cancer

Annabelle Bondar

Thank God I Multi-media Book

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