How to work with your inner child Audios

How to Work with Your Inner Child


How to work with your inner child

On this 2-hour enlightening presentation of Ho’oponopono by Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len and Mabel Katz, they covered in depth, HOW TO clean, to be guided to what is perfect and right for you, and experience Peace beyond ALL understanding.

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This call, that was supposed to be a 1-hour call, turned into over 2 hours as Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel got deeper and deeper, as the call went on, into the specifics of HOW TO work with your Inner Child.

Yes, you read that right…on this audio you will hear, not just the importance of working with your Inner Child, but HOW TO WORK with your Inner Child to Be At Zero where Divinity resides.

As questions are presented on the call, we hear exactly HOW Dr. Ihaleakalá & Mabel would clean in this situation—what they are saying to their Inner Child, to enlist the help of their Inner Child to clean and erase the memories replaying.

You learn especifically HOW TO talk to your Inner Child to release the memories that have been stored in the subconscious mind for eons and BE FREE.

On this audio, you will hear the importance of, and HOW TO Clean BEFORE a memory/problem arises.

You Will Learn:

  • That taking 100% Responsibility leads to your Freedom.
  • What therapists can do to help their patients and themselves.
  • The importance of knowing yourself, of asking WHO AM I? and HOW TO get an answer to this most important question NOW.
  • HOW TO get to Zero where the healer is, where the bank is, where the Love is. At Zero is where the magic begins.
  • What Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel say to their Inner Child as they hear problems/memories arise in them.

Ho’oponopono works for everyone. No exceptions. Whether you are new to Ho’oponopono or have been practicing for a while, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn MORE from Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel.


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How to Work with Your Inner Child
How to work with your inner child Audios

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How to work with your inner child  Audios
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What They're Saying?​

kathie usa 1

I want you to know that I had an incredible breakthrough last night after listening to you. I have been in a legal battle for a year over my house. I have been resisting and blocking my blessings. My prayers were answered and I found my peace. I am blessed to hear from you. Thank you!

 Kathie, USA

almastnetherlands 1
Looking back at your last workshop, I became soft. I am deeply grateful for finding my way back to this softness. Since that workshop, I’ve had many moments in this soft state. I can clearly see how many times I have failed in this lifetime. But, now I am grateful for the failures. Because I didn’t stop.

Almast, Netherlands