Mount Shasta 2020


Day 1 – Day to synchronize our energies with Mount Shasta

About Mount Shasta

Walking to the mountain of the Gods

Let’s ask permission to enter

Mabel welcomes you to Mount Shasta

How do you elevate your vibration?

What is a channeler?

Who Is Saint Germain?

Saint Germain – Part 1

Saint Germain – Part 2

Beautiful Encounter at Shasta City Park

Day 2 – Day for the Inner-Connection

Jesus channeling

Adama channeling

Meditation: Connecting with the Source

Mabel tells us about her experience

Mount Shasta Opening Testimony

Meeting Shambala

Day 3 – Listening to The Source

Ho’oponopono in this times

Visit with the Ascended Masters

Connecting with the Source

Peace Meditation

Thoughts at Sunset

Shasta Zoom – A get together

The healing power of Singing Bowls (short version)

The healing power of Singing Bowls (long version)

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