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Monthly Ho’oponopono Q&A Class

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Monthly Ho’oponopono Q&A Teleclass

Live a Life Without Plans

“Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans”

John Lennon

The problem with planning is that (like the John Lennon’s song suggests) we forget to notice what is right in front of our eyes. We forget to enjoy the moment. We forget about life.  

Now, I understand that a certain amount of planning is necessary in this physical world, especially if you have kids running around the house or you’re juggling two jobs. The trouble with planning is that we start to believe our plans and goals are what will make us happy and successful. We yearn for the control (and peace of mind) that we think our plans will bring. We want to know exactly what tomorrow will look like—what will happen and how our day will unfold. In short, we want certainty. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the universe works.

It’s time to realize that our goals and plans are nothing but an illusion or thoughts in our minds that are built on sand. It’s time to let go of our goals, plans, and expectations so that we can leave ourselves open to the changing, unfolding moment and all the possibilities that we could have never planned for. In this month’s Q&A, we will do it together.

Live Life Without Plans

 Turn your Life’s Challenges into a Happier and More Conscious Life

Thursday, July 29th at 12 pm PDT

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To most people, living without plans might seem chaotic, foolish, or unrealistic. But, when you think about it, we’ve been so conditioned by teachers, parents, and bosses, so manipulated by schedules and deadlines and have to’s, that we no longer have the time or space in our heads to go anywhere unless the destination is clearly marked on the map and we’re certain of where we’re going.

In the process, we lose our childlike hunger for surprise, possibility, and the magic of wondering where our heart wants to go. If you follow what excites you every day, you will get a lot done.

I do my best to living consciously, in the moment, and always listening to my heart. Of course, living life without plans is not just about being productive, it’s about slowing down and allowing life to unfold while surrendering to what it is. And because we don’t expect anything when we don’t plan, we are open to everything. The possibilities are endless. 

Join me in this special journey to—who knows where—we’ll find out when we get there. Together, let us seize the opportunity in every moment.

Let the chaos begin!

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