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Doing Ho’oponopono for work

Ho'oponopono for work

Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life can improve it from one moment to the next. However, it is not easy to do this work 24 hours a day, as we should. The ego sometimes plays tricks on us. In Ho’oponopono we also say “thank you” to the ego. All memories are opportunities to cleanse and take 100% responsibility for what happens in our lives. Ho’oponopono, in simple words, is a technique that takes you back to yourself, to be reborn.

One of the aspects in which the practice of Ho’oponopono can directly affect is at work, whether to get a job, change jobs or improve the employment situation. The doors that can be opened and the miracles that can happen are unimaginable.

Note that if you can create it, you can change it.

How to use Ho'oponopono to get a job

Various aspects can be encompassed when talking about Ho’oponopono for work. Ho’oponopono is not going to bring a job and leave it at your door, it doesn’t work like that. What is certain is that thanks to the practice of Ho’oponopono, the correct and perfect job will appear in your life. The job that comes up, if you are doing your Ho’oponopono cleaning , will surely be the job to have, as it will give you many opportunities to clean.

Ho’oponopono will transform negative thoughts in your life into inspiration that will definitely help you attract all that is right and perfect for you effortlessly.

Sometimes, in order to get a job, it is necessary to have a paradigm shift in your life. Open your mind, change your perception. You are responsible for what happens and attract in your life, and therefore, you have the necessary tools to change everything that happens in your life. You just have to give God (or the Universe) permission to show you what is right and perfect for you. When you stop getting hooked on thoughts, worries, and prejudices, magic happens. Have you ever wondered which is the perfect job for you? Or have you been afraid of not getting it? Memories, memories, and more memories! Let go and trust. Do not be an obstacle in your own life.

How to use Ho'oponopono to avoid conflicts at work

Something that can be just as frustrating as not getting a job is having a conflict in the place where you work. This itself can bring with it enough negative energies to affect your mind and your environment in a very significant way. Luckily, the Ho’oponopono meditation is perfect to put an end to this kind of dispute or conflict, or rather, for the right and perfect thing to happen. You just need to not get hooked on that discussion or circumstance and say “thank you.” Avoid engaging and reacting. Whatever the approach, you have the power to turn the other cheek, the cheek of love, and let the energy flow. To fight, it takes two; And remember that what you resist, persists. Do you realize, now, how responsible we are for what happens to us?

“Thank you” and “I love you” are one of the most well-known trigger words of Ho’oponopono, one of the most famous perhaps, and the ones I always say are more than enough for your practice. With a “thank you” and an “I love you” you are saying to God “I give it to you; this is too much for me” or “show me the way.” They are an act of humility, repeating them to yourself is practicing Ho’oponopono, it is letting go and giving permission to God to make the corrections. Remember, they are always memories playing, most of them from other lifetimes or from ancestors. We are here to make amends.

If you practice Ho’oponopono and remain aware, live in the present moment, and not take things personally, rest assured that conflicts at work will decrease significantly, even more so if you choose to follow, together with this meditation, the following ways to improve the work environment:

  1. Avoid, as far as possible, blaming and complaining about one or another specific situation.
  2. Be more patient, trying to measure the words you say and taking deep breaths so as not to get out of control in an unjustified way. Always do your Ho’oponopono cleaning before you speak or react.
  3. Humanize the situation, understanding with this that the problems also affect the other people around you and that you are not the only one affected. That are just memories replaying and nobody can help it. We are all doing our best here.

Promoting good communication at work can start from within. You will be more in the present, more aligned, the more you practice Ho’oponopono. Life is an inside job! Only you can heal and transform the reality you have into the reality you deserve. Are you ready?

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