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Do you think Ho’oponopono is dangerous?

The dangers of Hooponopono

The month of March was busy and very special.

The monthly class was about how shame affects relationships, and I was surprised by how this session moved me. You know, sometimes we think we’ve got some things resolved. But we are like onions. We continue to get rid of the different layers. First, I had the opportunity to work on something very important with my oldest son, who as you know, was the one I hurt a lot when he was a child, and at the same time who woke me up and saved my life. I cried at both the English and Spanish classes, and on the phone with him, who just called me just before one of the classes (coincidence?).

Also, in each of these sessions, they ask me questions of all kinds; related to health, work, money, etc. This time it was just relationship-related questions! Of course, we already know that relationships are where more problems and opportunities arise, but this I re-confirm; and have decided that this April we will continue to talk about it.

Also, in March we saw “The Adjustment Bureau” with my Spanish members. It is a movie that I always recommend, and I must have already seen it like 5 times. I am grateful to many of the members that participated in helping us see, recognize, understand, and change our perception of many things. I learned a lot this time. I definitely saw and interpreted it in a totally different way.

Changing the subject, I’ll tell you that I noticed there are people who think that Ho’oponopono can be dangerous.  What do you think? Well, I decided to talk about this on Saturday at 12 p. m. in Los Angeles on my LIVE session.

Check at what time it will be in your city by clicking here.

I believe that what some people think of Ho’oponopono maybe because sometimes, “the appearance of more problems” arises and this can promote frustration and negative energies. (which are sought to be avoided by Ho’oponopono). It is important to know that when we clean, we are giving it to God, and only He knows what we are ready to let go.

Sometimes you have to go through the tunnel to see the light.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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