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In these times, Ho’oponopono is definitely a good tool for making use of consciousness and exercising it.

We live overwhelmed with “problems,” judgments, and conditioning. In other words, it is nothing more or less than memories replaying in our subconscious mind, and if we do not erase them, we run the risk of them turning into a snowball. Ho’oponopono can help us with that.

Emotional crisis and despair result from listening to the intellect, wanting to understand everything, and believing that we know what is right and what is wrong. 

Ho’oponopono means taking 100% responsibility and stopping blaming and complaining. Ho’oponopono is about becoming aware that solutions come from a much higher plane than the intellectual one, and that most of what happens in our lives are opportunities to correct errors from other lifetimes, as well as being more aware that everything in our lives is perfect, even if it doesn’t look like it, and that all our problems are opportunities to make amends.

When we take 100% responsibility, we can free ourselves. If we created it we can change it! 

Becoming aware of being aware is being able to observe, perceive, and interpret the events in life with the eyes of the heart, and for that to happen we need a tool like Ho’oponopono to set us free from our mind; which is like a smokescreen that is permanently blinding us.

Wisdom is innate in us and is always there. All the time. Its origin is the Universe or God. But in our habitual state of unconsciousness, we are not able to see that everything we need is always there, next to us, and we are always looking “out there” for solutions and answers.

As I have said many times before, Ho’oponopono is the “delete key” on the computer; and every time we repeat “thank you” or “I love you”, we are pressing it, in order to allow memories to be erased from our subconscious and give permission for inspiration to appear in our lives.

To live consciously and in eternal present, I recommend the practice of Ho’oponopono. It is the easiest way to live more consciously and change your reality forever. 

When it is correct and perfect, I hope that in your awakening you join this ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving, that will take you to the life of your dreams.

Spread peace and love

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