Introduce Your Kids to Ho’oponopono With These Children’s Books

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I love kids. I have my own, and there is no greater joy or responsibility than raising happy children. 

We are all born pure of heart. And most of us have acquired more fears and worries with each passing year. Unless we are shown otherwise, we begin to become detached from who we were as we lose our connection with nature and God’s universe. 

We don’t have control over who influenced us as children. But we can influence our children more positively based on what we’ve learned in our journeys. .

That’s why I’ve put my heart and soul into writing two children’s books, so you can introduce your kids to the beautiful Ho’oponopono way of living.

The first book is called Maluhia: The Happy City. 

In an entertaining story your kids will love, the secrets to happiness, health, and peace are revealed with fun, practical lessons that will stick with them. 

Maluhia Book

Learn more about Maluhia: The Happy City and get your copy here.

The second book seeks to show children how to hold onto their true essence and to remain “pure at heart,” so they never lose the joy and peace that is their birthright. 

Thus allowing them to be themselves, and in turn, become messengers of these ever present but often unseen and revolutionary simple truths.

It’s called The Easiest Way to Grow: Messages You Will Be Glad to Know.


This inspirational book contains simple truths that show children how to hold onto their true essence and remain “pure at heart”. It also includes 15 videos and 32 special read-along audios. 

Learn more about The Easiest Way to Grow and get your copy here.