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Flor de Lis Blue

Ho’oponopono holiday blessings

A beautiful note read during Mabel’s Ho’oponopono training in Romania inspires us to live simpler lives and teaches us to appreciate more in life.

Ho’oponopono: Memories

With Ho’oponopono, we learn that our memories show up to give us opportunity to take 100% responsibility. Our job is letting go and erasing those bad memories.

Ho’oponopono: Say thank you anyway

Ho’oponopono and Thanksgiving. Remember to be kind and honest to whoever you deal with. In the end, it is between you and God, and never between you and them anyway.

Erasing our memories

Mabel Katz discusses Ho’oponopono – letting go and erasing our memories. Take 100% responsibility and open more doors and bring better opportunities.

Ho’oponopono in Romania

Hooponopono seminars in Romania with Mabel Katz. Take yourself to zero state, the Easiest Way to Attract Success and Wealth, and Ho’oponopono in Business.


Ihaleakala and Mabel in Korea

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Mabel Katz sign books in Seoul, Korea. They learn how very interested and open people are in Korea about Ho’oponopono.

Here & Now

Ho’oponopono is being present

Ho’oponopono is about being present. If you are thinking, you are not present. Unbelievable things can happen to you right away, just give permission.


Choose Ho’oponopono or…

Use Ho’oponopono and follow your heart and choose what is right for you. Find the technique that works best for your problems.