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Discover Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is the key to the love, money, freedom and happiness you’ve been looking for so long. With Ho’oponopono, we learn to Let go and Let God.

Ho’oponopono Unclogs the Soul

Ho’oponopono cleaning is all about letting go of toxic memories so that we return to our original state of nothing. Only at Zero can we be our true selves.

You need Getting Unstuck

Ho’oponopono can help you get “unstuck” and live the life you deserve. Letting go of worry, anger, fear, guilt, and anxiety can help you be at peace and free.

The Secret of Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is about loving your enemies, giving permission, letting go and letting god. You are the only one who can change your life.


How to Prepare Blue Solar Water

Discover how to prepare Solar Water, a Ho’oponopono tool used to erase memories in the subconscious mind which helps your body to “let go and let God”.

When We Lose Someone

Sometimes we are separated from a loved one by death. At other times, we distance ourselves or somebody we are with decides to distance themselves from us.

Ho’oponopono, Passion is Our Compass

If we trust and follow it, success is guaranteed. Unfortunately what often happens is that we go into a place of fear because trusting our passion is something foreign, so it is uncertain. It is the unknown. How many times have you been told that you are good at something and you should be doing

MILLENNIALS , The road to finding our true identity

Live in the present moment, enjoy each moment, listen to your heart, trust yourself, connect with your true self and your unique talents… let go and trust. I remember the faces in the group of youngsters who attentively listened to me at one of my latest chats in Malaga, Spain, as well as in Cancun and

You can delete the mental files that cause depression

”Instead of getting depressed, it is easier to be in our natural state of happiness, and it is very easy to achieve it.” It’s World Health Day on April 7 and this year’s theme is depression. According to the World Health Organization, this condition shockingly is the leading cause of disability worldwide, with 300 million people

Women must be happy

As women, we are taught to spend our lives worshipping and paying attention to the external world, concentrating more on physical aspects and appearances, always focusing on what’s on the outside. By doing this, we are trying to win the approval of others, thus losing our identity and becoming dependent on them. When our lives

Ho’oponopono Is The Easiest Way

I have always been profoundly interested in what pushes someone to wake up and begin the search for deeper meaning and truth in their lives. More times than not, it’s a moment of great challenge or sorrow that drives us to look for that deeper meaning. Other times, it’s simply a soft nudge, or perhaps


Successful people speak of persistence, which I believe includes having patience. Maybe you need to be patient before you can have your dream home, the job you want, or the relationship you seek…And sometimes the time in which our dreams come true is not ours but God’s time. In any case, we later find out


In case you missed it, September 21 was World Peace Day. It is a day dedicated to world peace, and, specifically, the absence of war and violence. As an international peace ambassador and the recipient of the 2015 Public Peace Prize Award, the concept of peace in our lifetime has always been close to my heart.

Tis’ the Season for Tolerance, Peace & Love

“The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” — G. K.Chesterton We are fast approaching the end of the year. The holiday season is here — that magical time when traditions from around the world begin to light up the planet in celebration and joy.

How do you want to live this holiday season?

We have two choices: We can focus on memories and pain, or we can focus on gratitude and joy. December is the month in which so many of our feelings and emotions come to the surface. Shopping, memories, absences…there are so many things that can overwhelm us. But these holidays also give us the opportunity to

Trust: The Muscle of Champions

I often look back and wonder how my life changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. One minute I was a tax accountant and the next minute I was an inspirational speaker and international peace ambassador! Life happens so quickly that it’s easy to forget how we got to where we are.

The Perfection We Don’t Recognize

The Perfection We Don’t Recognize Inspiration is the new information that replaces the memories and old programs which keep replaying in our minds. Just as the intellect is expressed in the left hemisphere of the brain, inspiration travels through the right side. In other words, the inspiration that you’re looking for (perfect solutions, right answers) is