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Ho'oponopono to lose weight

Ho’oponopono and Weight Loss

Can Ho’oponopono be used for weight loss? Many people dismiss what the mind can do to the body. So much, so that just a few people can find that intrinsic relationship that exists between a word and an action, causing it to become much more difficult to slim down or lose weight, among other challenges.

Ho'oponopono for Health

Ho’oponopono for Health

Is Ho’oponopono useful for health? The mind and thoughts play a fundamental role in a person’s life. Phrases like “I think and therefore I am” expose in a very profound way that close relationship that exists between the physical being and the spiritual being of a human being.

Ho'oponopono to heal while sleeping

Ho’oponopono to heal while sleeping

It is no secret to anyone that the act of sleeping is necessary to maintain a healthy and healthy life. Unfortunately, life can have a series of ups and downs that make it difficult to fall asleep easily…

Let go of expectations

We let go of expectations

The commitment to Ho’oponopono cleaning at these times is very important. We need to start making more decisions from inspiration than from the intellect. Only there is where we can find “the easiest way”, and make a difference.

Ho'oponopono phrases

What you need to know about Ho’oponopono phrases

Many underestimate the great power that the word has in everyday life. So much so, that sometimes we speak carelessly without taking into account what we attract with our thoughts and words, and we condition ourselves. Ho’oponopono is one of the most important and popular philosophies of life in the world…

music Ho'oponopono

Songs to practice Ho’oponopono

Would you like to know what the so-called “Ho’oponopono song” is and everything related to it? In this post we tell you what you need to know.

Open yourself to inspiration, don't label

Open yourself to inspiration, don’t label

Have you ever noticed that you go somewhere and you see someone, whom you don’t even know, you feel a strong rejection and say to yourself: I’m not going to sit next to that person?

Healing through Ho'oponopono

Healing through Ho’oponopono

The healing process can occur in many different ways and can be focused on different areas of life. It can also be related to different aspects, they can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Who am I

Let me ask you a question, who are YOU?

This definitely isn’t going to be the first time you’ve heard me talk about this, but I certainly think it’s a very important question, or maybe the most important: who are you?

The dangers of Ho'oponopono

The dangers of Ho’oponopono

Far from bringing any particular risk, or thinking that Ho’oponopono can be dangerous, you must know that in doing so, you are…


Are you exhausted?

You’ve been working so hard. Juggling your career, family, relationships—not to mention the constant pressure cooking, cleaning, school, never-ending emails, etc., etc…

what is a problem

Do you have problems?

Have you ever thought that what we call “problems” could be “blessings”? What is a “problem”? Our “problems” are always opportunities…

happy easter

Happy Easter with Ho’oponopono

The word Easter appears in Latin as pascha, in Greek páscha and in Hebrew pesáh – mainly meaning “step” or “jump”. In 2022, we have the opportunity to recognize these festivities…