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Ho’oponopono – Change your Values, Change your Life

Aloha my friend! I have to tell you that it is incredible the opportunities that God gave me to clean in my last trip to Ecuador. I was told that I got stuck in Miami because they needed me to clean there. Then, the following day, and after all the delays, I was told that

Ho’oponopono – Know Thyself and set yourself free

Yes, it is Available Now! This Summer Mabel is giving you the gift to use DISC Profiles®
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It is time to break through barriers, balance life, get rid of stress, 
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Ho’oponopono – Peace & Women

I have been saying this for a while; Peace is going to come from women. Remember my story in Maracaibo, Venezuela?  When I told my Arab students that I wanted the opportunity to talk with Arab women? So, they helped me by gathering a group of women, and then invited me to one of their

2 Sessions of Full Body Detox from your feet

Ionic Detox Treatments If you have been searching for an Ion foot bath to cleanse, balance and enhance your bio-energy- we are pleased to announce that On The Beach has it!. Bio-energy is the vital energy force present in the breath of bodily fluids. This energy is the electro-magnetic force that is stored within the