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 Mabel y Carla Estrada


 Mabel y Carla Estrada


 Mabel y Carla Estrada


 Mabel y Carla Estrada


 Mabel y Carla Estrada


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Visit to Puente Grande Prison, Mexico
The Easiest Way to Abundance, Peace and Happiness in Hungary
Ho'oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live in Spain
Ho'oponopono seminar in Serbia
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Croatia
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Delhi, India
Transpersonal Conference Prague 2017
Ho'oponopono in Rome
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Mexico City
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Buenos Aires
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Montevideo
"How to live in pace each day" conference, Maim├│nides University of Buenos Aires
"First Steps to Peace" Conference
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Lima
At Colombian Congress
Ho'oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live Seminar in Bogota
Seminar The Easiest Way to Abundance, Peace and Happiness in Barcelona
Seminar Ho'oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live in Barcelona
Ho'oponopono at Being One Forum
With David Broza in Los Angeles
Ho'oponopono Conference in Rome
General Audience at the Vatican
Ho'oponopono in Tel Aviv
Ho'oponopono seminars in Medellin
Ho'oponopono Seminar in Miami
Ho'oponopono in Puebla
Magic Tour with Mabel discovering India for the first time
Ho'oponopono seminar in Belgrade, Serbia
Ho'oponopono in Croatia
Ho'oponopono in Madrid, Spain
Ho'oponopono in Romania
Ho┬ĺoponopono seminars in Budapest, Hungary
Journey to Mount Shasta, USA
Ho┬ĺoponopono in Tokyo, Japan
Ho┬ĺoponopono Seminar in Cancun, Mexico
Summit Prosperity Passion in Mexico
My trip to Asia with Ihaleakala
My Seminars in Peru
Seminars in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ho┬ĺoponopono in Santiago, Chile
Ho┬ĺoponopono in Colombia, Bogota
Ho┬ĺoponopono in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Meeting Rev. Dada J.P Vaswani in Beverly Hills.
Superconscious Mind Congress in Puebla
Ho┬ĺoponopono Seminar in Mexico
Live the Magic in Teotihuacan
Seminars in Miami
For the first time in New Jersey, USA
Expo Conscious Life in Los Angeles
Beautiful days in Zagreb
The Easiest Way in Chile
At the "M├ęxico Sonr├şe" (Mexico Smiles) foundation
Presentation for children at the Integrated Studies Center, La Abejita
Conference and book signing in LA
Visit the program "Today " in Televisa
Ho'oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live
The Easiest Way to Grow Workshop in Mexico
Ho'oponopono in Mexico
Presentation: Women, Peace and Ho'oponopono. Woman's International
Conference and Book signing in Liverpool Insurgentes, Mexico
Mabel in Exposer 2015, Mexico with Deepak Chopra
Women, Peace and Ho'oponopono.
Ho'oponopono in Miami
Zero Frequency® in Monterrey
Ho'oponopono in Monterrey
Ho'oponopono in Belgrade
Zero Frequency® in Serbia
Ho'oponopono in Serbia
My reflections about Ho'oponopono
Un encuentro muy "especial"
Zero Frequency® in Tel Aviv
Meet with Rabbi Shalom Arush
Conference in Zagreb
Zero Frequency® in Bucharest
Ho'oponopono en Bucarest
Ho'oponopono in Madrid
Zero Frequency® in Madrid
Zero Frequency® in Budapest
Ho'oponopono in Budapest
Zero Frequency® at DIF Tlalnepantla 's Auditorium
Last dinner in Tulum
Celebrating and letting go in Tulum
Working and cleaning on Peace in Tulum, Mexico
Practicing TRUST
Visit to COBA
Ho'oponopono seminar -Tulum
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Zero Frequency® in Bogotá
In the "Calle de la Felicidad"
Talks in the Park in La paz, Bolivia
Conference about Happiness in La Paz, Bolivia
Ho┬┤oponopono in Guadalajara
Foundation PAS 2014
Televisa Guadalajara- Programa
En Radio MEGA - 1070 am - Guadalajara
Presentation at the DIF 2014
University Albert Einstein 2014
Ho┬┤oponopono in M├ęxico City
Meetings in New York
Televisa - M├ęxico
National Auditorium ┬ľ Mexico 2014
Renew U Super Seminar IV - Los Ángeles
CNN Latino
Azteca Am├ęrica TV
Cucuy radio
Fundraising Event
Radio W 690 AM
AME Mixer Interviews
Grabando con Don Jos├ę Ruiz
Seminar Puerto Vallarta
Sin limites con Elizabeth
Israel , Tour 2013
Zero Frequency en Tel Aviv
Ho┬┤oponopono en Tel Aviv
Hanukkah en Tel Aviv
Zero Frequency in Zagreb
Zero Frequency en Madrid
Ho┬┤oponopono in Madrid
Ho'oponopono in Bucharest
Ho┬┤oponopono- Budapest
Zero Frequency in Budapest
Ho┬┤oponopono - Mabel Katz
Ho┬┤oponopono in Moscow
En CNN Latino. Los Ángeles
Los Angeles 2013
The Edge of Science
Mystic Festival in Croatia
Conference Ho┬┤oponopono Monterrey
Interview en Budapest, Hungary
Seminar in Tel Aviv 2014
Mabel with the children... 2014
At the Sarajevo Peace Event 2014
At the Argentinean Senate with Dr. Ernesto Kahan
Jos├ę Hernandez High School

Mabel Katz

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