Dame Mabel Katz Receives Public Peace Prize
Recognition is highlighted at 24-hour vigil on January 1, 2015

The Municipal DIF System in Tlalnepantla de Baz

July 18, 2014


Hereby certifies that:


Mabel Katz spoke at a conference for the public servants of the Medellin City Hall on the 18th day of June for the purpose of reinforcing this organization's culture. Her ability to sensitize persons was very well received by those present, who expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to assist to events such as this one, which enhance their personal development.

It was a pleasure and highly motivational to have Mrs. Katz at the offices of this Sub Secretary of Human Resources.


Issued in Medellin, on the third (3rd) day of the month of July of 2014.

SEPtember 17, 2013

Mrs. Mabel Katz
Delivered in hand

Dear Mabel:

Presenting Zero Frequency to upper level university students presented a challenge to this institution, however you made it a reality, and I wish to thank you for welcoming the attendance of 200 young people to your conference.

I had a chance to chat personally with some of these students, and they all expressed much enthusiasm for the content of your conference as well as gratitude for the gift received from this University. I hope we can continue counting on your great inspiration and talent for future projects.

Thank you, Mabel. Thank you for coming here, and thank you for sharing your experiences and projects.

Higinio González Calderón



Monclova 1561
Col. República
 Saltillo, Coah.
C.P. 25280, Mexico
(844) 438-4050
Fax: 438-4059

Su Cambio por el Cambio

Quito, August 16, 2013


Mrs. Mabel Katz


Dear Mabel:

Please receive cordial greetings from Fundación “Su Cambio por el Cambio” (Change for Change Foundation). We have had the pleasure of having you at our facilities offering the Ho’oponopono Conference, which turned out to be a great success because it allowed our personnel and student body to obtain new knowledge regarding the subject of attitude in life.

On behalf of this institution and of its personnel, we wish to express our deepest gratitude for your work at Fundación “Su Cambio por el Cambio”. Your conference was most edifying.

We wish you great success in your future endeavors and sincerely hope to once again have the pleasure of receiving you at Fundación “Su Cambio por el Cambio.” You will undoubtedly always be welcome at our institution. We remain at your service.


Sister Raiza Pérez
Director of the Social Project
Fundación Su Cambio por el Cambio

Licentiate María del Carmen Cando
Pedagogic Coordinator
Fundación Su Cambio por el Cambio

FEBRUARY 18, 2013

Mabel Katz Receives Knighthood

Author, speaker and transformational seminar leader Mabel Katz has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts.

For years, Mabel Katz has done outstanding work in support of children and world peace. All of her endeavors, including those when she operated a business consulting with companies large and small, and hosting her popular Los Angeles radio and television shows, were founded on the principles of service and helping others. Now her good works have been acknowledged by the venerable Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John – Russian Grand Priory.

The organization bestowing this high honor is believed to be the oldest historical, hereditary humanitarian Order of the Knights Hospitaller. The founders of the Order started the world's first hospitals for service to humanity, regardless of caste, creed or ability to pay. Those who have been knighted in recent times include heads of state, scientists, doctors, Nobel Laureates, religious figures, and others whose humanitarian works have made a difference in our world.

Katz is the recipient of numerous other national and international awards and honors including the 2012 Milenious de Paz Peace Flag, honoring her world-peace initiative, Peace within IS world peace, and officially recognizing her as one of the worlds pre-eminent Peace Ambassadors. She has addressed national senates and other influential government bodies and presented at the United Nations. She has spoken to multi-cultural audiences, including those of diverse ethnicities in the Middle East. She has authored several books, including an inspirational children’s book, and her works have been published in English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Czech, Hebrew, Japanese, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian.

She has also received numerous awards, letters and certificates of appreciation from the children’s hospitals she visits sharing her deep knowledge of the ancient Hawaiian art and science of Ho’oponopono (The Easiest Way).

Mabel maintains a busy global speaking and seminar schedule. She presents her Zero Frequency® and Ho’oponopono seminars to individuals, executives and corporations throughout Europe and Eastern Europe, China, and Central and South America as well as across the United States and Canada.

The knighting ceremony took place in late January, 2013, in Honolulu Hawaii.

Media Contact:

October 16, 2012

We hereby wish to emphatically recommend Licentiate Mabel Katz, whom, on October 9th of the current year, presented the Conference “Zero Frequency” at this Institution. The Conference imparted an excellent philosophy which will allow us to implement important changes in ourselves and in our environment.

For the above reasons, we wish to recommend Mabel’s professional services to anybody interested in obtaining knowledge regarding a new way of thinking.

Jorge Alanís Villareal, Teacher
General Director

Americas Unidas 305 * PO Box 45 SUC-C
Telephone: 415 96 32 / Fax. Ext. 117 * Saltillo, Coah.


Peace within IS world peace

So many exciting things have been happening with my Peace Within is World Peace initiative. I just really have to share it with you, and also, I want to get it out there as often as possible, because Peace Begins With Me!

In September 2012, I was honored with the prestigious 2012 Mil Milenious de Paz Peace Flag, honoring my world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, and officially recognizing me as one of the world’s pre-eminent Peace Ambassadors.

Another special moment for me was in 2011, when I spoke at the United Nations. That was the official launch of my world peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, and here I offered the Flor-de-Lis symbol as an easy tool to access inner peace.

December 17-27, 2012, I will be leading a Peace Tour to Israel. We will be spending Christmas in Bethelem and the birth of the new era (December 22, 2012) in Jerusalem. Also this will be an opportunity to let go of the past, and erase ancient memories the last day of this era (December 21, 2012) with a Ho’oponopono cleaning seminar. A chance to reconnect with what is perfect: at the perfect place, at the perfect time, with the perfect people. This is going to be a magical journey, during a special moment in time, the dawn of the new era.

For more information about the Peace Tour to Israel 2012, please visit this link:

World Peace has become my passion, because I know with all my heart that Hoʼoponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving can help to bring world peace.

I believe if we are to obtain World Peace in a world where violence and hate exist, we must first find Inner Peace. That is why our motto is “Peace Begins with Me.” If I am at Peace, the world around me will be at Peace; it is not the other way around…

”Peace Begins with Me” is about saying, “I’m sorry for whatever is in me that created this – taking 100% Responsibility – and knowing that whatever I experience is just my program, my memories”…

We need to work together to break free from the slavery of our beliefs, opinions and judgments, set the example and  get others to do the same, so we can create a PEACE & LOVE Pandemic together. Yes, it is contagious and we can start it NOW. Remember, Peace can heal anything!

If we embrace this Conscious Peace Philosophy & Flor de Lis Symbol we can inspire others to join us in this global peace movement.

Media Contact: Arcangel

October 15, 2012.

Mrs. Mabel Katz

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge regarding the Zero Frequency® Program. Our personnel was pleasantly surprised with how something so simple - or at least that’s how you conveyed it - can be so powerful and have the ability to transform us and, therefore, offer our university a greater probability of development.

Going back to zero, and letting go of negative emotions and habits can open up a new world. It’s like starting over, from a new platform, where we are able to keep all of our knowledge and abilities, but eliminate all of our self imposed limits.

Continue teaching. Many of us will thank you for it. With no further ado, I wish to reiterate my deep respect and gratitude.

Higinio González Calderón

May 30th, 2012

Dear Mabel,

Together with the pleasure of sending you my greetings, and within the framework of the Ho’oponopono Seminary that you presented in Chile, I am writing to you today to sincerely thank you for inviting Fundación [PARENTESIS] (Parenthesis Foundation) St. Francis of Assisi Therapeutic Program participants to such a significant event.

Your invitation was greatly appreciated by those who were able to attend, people living in situations that are often socially vulnerable and face problematic alcohol and drug addiction issues.

Without a doubt, initiatives such as this one can help us as an institution, by providing insertion opportunities and support tools to each one of our program participants.

I wish to reiterate my appreciation and send you my warmest regards,

Paulo Egenau
Executive Director
Fundación [PARENTESIS]

April 25, 2012

First and foremost, I wish to send you the cordial greetings of Fundación Hospital de Especialidades Pediátricas de Maracaibo.

We are writing today to express our deepest gratitude to Mabel Katz for her important collaboration expressed by means of her visit to our Institution. We highly value her availability and cooperation. We send her a warm greeting on behalf of all the patients who come to this Institution. Gestures such as hers make us feel that we are not alone in the noble task of supporting the commitment to treat the financially disadvantaged pediatric population who requires our services.

Without any further ado, I remain at your service,

Dr. Soraya Sanchez de Acosta
General Manager
Prolongación Circunvalación No. 2, Sector Plaza Toros, via Ciudadela Faria. Zip Code 4006
Telephone: (58-261) 300.50.00 Fax: (58-261) 753.38.22 / 300.50.18 Maracaibo - Venezuela
Hospital de Especialidades Pediátricas
RIF: G-20001398-2

April 23, 2012

Dear Mabel:

Greetings from myself and the staff of ar hotel salitre. We wish to express our great satisfaction stemming from having you and your work staff in our facilities.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for your presentation. The results were surprising, and we received very positive remarks from the people who were able to attend. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, not everybody was able to attend, but I know that we were somewhat able to transmit your message and good energy to the others.

We hope the near future offers us the possibility of listening to your words with more time and also with more of our collaborators. We wish you much success in your future presentations throughout the world.

I wish to bid you farewell for now with a most special and resounding THANK YOU.

Commercial Director
ar hoteles s.a.s
Av. Carrera 60 No. 22-99 * PBX. 747 7333 * FAX 743 6703 * Bogotá, Colombia *
ar hotels
NIT 900310966-1

April 2012

Mabel Katz

For your valuable collaboration. Thank you for helping make hope shine for these young innocent children, and, for us, may their smiles turn into one thousand possible dreams for a promising future.

Dr. Cecilia Bernardoni de Socorro

October 19, 2011

Dear Mabel,

On behalf of Sanki, I wish to thank you for your participation in our National Summit 2011, which has been a resounding success. Our event is an unforgettable experience, full of energy and great learning, because of dedicated Speakers such as you.

Your “The Easiest Way to Success” Conference was extremely interesting and moving, and I am certain that your great experience and philosophy will allow our Distributors and Guests to develop new capacities that will help them grow personally, spiritually and professionally. It was an honor for Sanki to have you as a participating speaker, and we hope that, in the future, we can once again have you with us so that, together, we can continue to transform lives.

I send you a warm greeting and my most sincere regards.

Alejandro López Tello C.
Sanki President and General Director

September 9, 2011

Dear Mabel,

Following our Seminario Exposer 2011 (Exposer Seminary 2011), and as a result of the follow-up evaluations we always perform after completing our projects, we would like to express, on behalf of Coomeva and, especially, Coomeva Turismo Agencia de Viajes (Coomeva Tourism Travel Agency), our most sincere and profound gratitude for your assistance and support of our initiative.

The excellent results we are currently experiencing have undoubtedly been possible as a result of the participation of speakers such as you, who have greatly enhanced the level of our reflection and training event.

Exposer leaves us with great challenges, and, for that reason, we will appreciate your continued guidance and participation for the purpose of setting new fronts of action that contribute to human, spiritual, and social development.

It is a pleasure for us, as organizers, and for the Coomeva Community, which we represent, to work with people of your professionalism and experience.

Once again, thank you very much.

Isabel Cristina Rincón
Coomeva Tourism, Manager

November 1, 2006

Dear Mabel,

It was a pleasure having you speak as my celebrity guest for the First Annual Womanaire Extraordinaire Award Celebration. Speaking of a celebration, you were a wonderful, fun and inspiring for all of us. My favorite part of your talk is when you involved the entire audience in dancing and including. The audience loved it. As a speaker myself, I know it is important to capture audience participation and uplift the energy in the room, you did brilliantly!

Your message was very inspiring. You touched the group by sharing your life and your success of today. Thank you for that.

It was an honor to have you part of this event. The women loved you! I would like to have you be part of our event next year if you so choose. Sincerely,

Tina L. Hiatt


Press Releases


October 2012

Mabel Katz Presents Zero Frequency® to Universidad Autonoma Del Noreste and Colegio Americano in Mexico, Marking Ho’oponopono’s Debut to Higher Education.

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