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Dame Mabel Katz

Dame Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and seminar leader who is recognized as a leading authority on Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art and practice for achieving greater clarity of purpose and living as well as working more effectively. She has crafted a series of keynotes, talks, and seminars for corporations, businesses, and individuals – including seminars for children – that apply the practices of Ho’oponopono to bring companies closer to their full potential and give people an edge at work and in all areas of life.

Based on using forgiveness and gratitude, her presentations focus on practical ways for reaching what she calls Zero Frequency®, a state where we are free of restrictive memories and limiting self-talk. From the clarity of Zero, outstanding solutions become apparent and excellent choices can be made.

Mabel was also rapidly acclaimed for her work in support of world peace. Honored with the prestigious 2012 Mil Milenios de Paz Peace Flag, acknowledging her world-peace initiative, Peace Within is World Peace, she was officially recognized as one of the world’s preeminent Peace Ambassadors and on January 1, 2015 she was awarded the prestigious Public Peace Prize.

She has spoken in front of national senates and other influential government bodies, and has presented at the United Nations, as well as addressed multi-cultural audiences, including those of diverse ethnicities in the Middle East. In 2013 she was recognized for her humanitarian works by being knighted in the venerable Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John – Russian Grand Priory, bestowing upon her the title of Dame Mabel Katz.

Born in Argentina, Mabel moved to Los Angeles in 1983 where she became a successful accountant, business consultant and tax advisor. In 1997 she started her own company, Your Business, Inc., a step that not only enhanced her own success but also increased her ability to work more directly with others. Her company prospered by helping new and established businesses expand and grow.

Amplifying her contribution to the LA Latino community Mabel created and produced a radio show, Despertar (Awakening), and then a television talk show, The Mabel Katz Show. Motivated by her desire to bring awareness about better living choices for the Latino Community, her shows employed the best features of Oprah, Suze Orman, and Rachael Ray. As a result of her media work, speaking and seminars, she has become known in the Spanish-speaking community as “the Latino Oprah Winfrey.” Mabel has received numerous of prestigious local and national awards recognizing her achievements in business and with local communities.

Despite the success of her business, Mabel chose to move from those endeavors to follow her heart’s desire; devoting her prodigious talents and powerful drive to assist people worldwide with what she has learned and continues to learn from Ho’oponopono.  

Studying and traveling with Ho’oponopono Master Teacher Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Mabel deepened her learning. She has been exposed 24 hours a day for more than a decade to the Secrets beyond The Secret of this Hawaiian ancient art of problem solving and shares how she has used it to move into a fulfilling and successful life of travel, speaking and working with others to create the lives they had only dared to imagine.

From that foundation, she designed her unique workshops to bring her wisdom and gifts to audiences across the planet. Also, Mabel authored her first book, The Easiest Way, which has received widespread praise from readers and thought leaders alike.

Today, Mabel maintains a busy global speaking and seminar schedule. She has presented throughout Europe and Asia, Central and South America as well as across the United States and Canada. Has authored several books, including a wonderful children’s book, and her works have been published in English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Czech, Hebrew, Japanese, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Turkish and Albanian.

Mabel Katz is truly an exceptional woman of international stature with universal appeal. The work she does is consistently transforming businesses and improving lives. Her unique presentation goes to people’s core and soul, and gives them the tools they need to create long lasting results. Many have said she has changed their lives forever.

Mabel is available for keynotes, talks and seminars for executives, managers, employees, individuals and children.

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Hi Mabel, About a year ago I wrote to you because I was going through a horrible time in my life. My daughter had studied for 5 years to become a dentist and was even working at a dental practice. Suddenly, she had a breakdown and left her job. I know all the signs were there that she was on the wrong path. But I was still full of anger with God because she had been studying for 7 years (including all the courses she needed to get into university). Anyway, you told me about the glass of water and what I should do. AND I AM HAPPY TO SAY THAT I DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU TOLD ME! Today, she has a job as a medical writer which is much more suited to her personality and how her brain works. She is much happier now. I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO IN THE WORLD :) Her father & I almost had a nervous breakdown ourselves going through it all with her. But we've come through the other side and we're a happy family again! You are one of life’s AMAZZZZING PEOPLE SENT FROM GOD xoxxo ((((THANK YOU))))

- Julie, United Kingdom


Dear, dear Mabel, I was very happy to receive your letter. It gives me even more will to clean, clean, clean... The river of my life is full of obstacles. The more I clean, more I'm aware of them. Three years ago, I "discovered" Ho'oponopono and since then my life began to change. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I am in the seventh decade of my life and I have so much to clean. Huge mountains of garbage. I believe in Mabel, I believe in Ho'oponopono, but I have a problem with believing in God. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was in two seminars in Belgrade and I hope that we meet this year in the same place. I love you, I love you, I love you. There are no words to express my gratitude for all good in my life, and the lives of my children, that happened before and after both seminars. So I'll just say thank you, thank you, thank you! Please do not mind my English, it's not very good, but these words come from my heart and soul, in the desire to express my gratitude to you, for everything you unselfishly share with us.

- Big, big hug from Dušica, Serbia


Mabel, Yesterday was my first call in with you. My wife and I are talking about separating, we are moving, I am experiencing memories replaying of financial lack, I "have to" take action, I don't have time for a call in, on and on and then, I got to "the cleaning" as you have reminded me to do so many times in your videos on YouTube. I had called in yesterday but didn't write a question and AGAIN, to my surprise, all the questions that I had came through the other callers yesterday and I kept the cleaning going as I was listening . Mabel you keep the integrity of Ho'oponopono alive in through your personal work and through your gifts of "Service of Love." I was reminded of my highest priority yesterday: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and ALL THINGS (not some but ALL things) will be added. I just am required to my part: keep the cleaning going and make efforts, part of which, for me, yesterday, was attending my first call in with you. You have so much yesterday. I was afraid that after Dr. Len stopped teaching these gifts of the cleaning tools: I love You and Thank You and the sacredness of The Ho'oponopono process with go away. They have not gone away. They live on through you, through me and through all others who are willing to : "just get to the cleaning ." I Love You Mabel and I "Give Thanks" for your gifts and Service of Love." I am Not alone. We, together with the others will keep "The Cleaning" going. Yes, my Work is my Responsibility and I find I also wish for support at times, and this Support came through CLEARLY on the call in yesterday. In Gratitude ,

- Scott, USA


Thank you so much for the wonderful two days in Madrid. Once again your seminars were so inspiring, motivating, full of love and care, and I thank you so much for your time and for giving us all you give us. I spent two gorgeous days with you and even though I have followed you and Dr. Hew Len for over 5 years, and incorporated Ho'ponopono into my everyday life, each time I attend your seminars I learn more and more and all you transmit I feel and understand so well. This time I was notable to give you a hug or ask you to sign my books as I had to leave and never seemed to be able to get past the avalanche of people, but that's OK as through this email I send you a huge hug and thank you. Hope to see you next year! Until then all my love .......all my gratitude Love,

-Christy, USA


Hello Mabel.

I want to share my experience with Ho'oponopono. I separated from my husband for the second time, who I've been married to for 24 years. I was engaged, missing him, while he was with a young woman aged 27 (he is 50), and I could not continue like that. It was great for me to have begun the cleaning, simply saying "thank you, I love you, I bless you" all the time. I have been practicing for two weeks... I’m finally getting what I had failed at for two years, Mabel! I feel peace, I feel great and the best is that I made the decision to disengage from my husband. As I say "thank you" and clean, I realize I do not want him back. Thanks Mabel, for coming into my life and healing it... blessings!

-Esperanza, Mexico


I’m an obstetrician from Cuba, Jalisco. I live with my beautiful 9 years old daughter and my wonderful husband, doctor by profession. He suffers from diabetes with an amputation of his two legs. He is a radiologist, we both work in a clinic. I want to thank Mabel for existing. The day I saw Mabel on a radio interview streamed online, I was able to sleep like a new born baby. I feel more at peace now that I practice Ho’oponopono every day. Our patients also feel the harmony and joy during consultations. We finish work very late and don’t realize how fast time goes by. Our family has true love. Once more, I want to thank Mabel for existing. May God preserve her for many years.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
A fraternal embrace,

-D.L., Mexico


I want to tell you that it was very inspiring for me to talk to you. The day we had the interview, I was very worried and under a lot of stress. I remember that at one point you told me "so I clean it", and I believe it worked! Not only that, you are such a positive person, it is contagious. Even now, when I feel scared, I play our interview and your words "don't worry" lift me up. Your most important words for me are,"Let go & let God". I think that talking to you helped me reclaim my faith, and that is the biggest gift I could've gotten.
I also wear the bracelet you gave me, and as you told me, I really believe that "it does things". So, thank you very much, I am very grateful!!!

-Manja, Serbia


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