Testimonies about Resources & Events

I am a new member and I have just started to use the site. I participated last year in Romania in your courses and from that moment I applied Ho'oponopono method on a daily basis. I am using a few tools to help me and my family to solve our problems.

I have to recognize that I do not like complicated things and for me Ho'oponopono seems to be something that is matching perfect with my way of been . I observed a lot of good changes with my family, without telling them anything about this technique, because they are not so open. Regarding myself, I started to feel less fear, less guilty....

You know, from the first moment when I became a member, I feel that ''someone'' is supporting me, is helping me from the distance even if I am not present on the site - it was a feeling that gave me a lot of peace and safety. I do not feel that I am alone anymore trying to solve my problems and I am so grateful for this. In fact I know that I am not alone and God is protecting me all the time, but I like to communicate with other people around, and I have a different feeling also, when I interact with other members with whom I may talk and from whom I may receive support.

From all these things and many more, I would like to thank you and to say that I consider myself very lucky, because I met you and I am able to communicate with you through this tool.

I will start to use more often all the tools that I find on the site and I will use the library also. If I have questions I will come back to you.

Thanks a lot for everything and for the support that I feel every day, even if we do not talk directly .

Have a beautiful evening!

~Mirela, Romania

Dear Klára,

I would like to share what has happened to me since I heard about the Ho’oponopono and read the book Easiest Way of Life and in addition, I would like to render my thanks.
I had been working in the world of finances, I had been making a rush for money. Though I was successful, I never had time for anything, and a baby sitter looked after my children. Suddenly, my life collapsed, we suffered  enormous loss at the stock-exchange, even my marriage went that. My state was beyond hope. At this time I somehow ran into Bella Bagdi’s song and not long after the book fell into my hands at a bookshop. Soon I started the process of purification although at that time I didn’t really understand what the whole thing was all about.
After a year my marriage was restored, we are happier than ever before. However, I still wasn’t able to find anything inspirational in my work, I couldn’t do my job with passion. Last September I was just sitting at home and was trying to find what that may be. I read the book and I was just strolling about with the book in my hands as there was a part that I could not understand. In the world of business setting the aims, “never give up”, and the Law of attraction were hammered into our head, but the book wasn’t the same. I needed a couple of days to realise that I do not get what I want but what I am. I found out that I can only have disposal of the present moment and that I am responsible for everything happening to me. Finally I could discover that the Law of attraction is not about having a look at the  car, house or journey on my target  but about what I exude. About what my attraction point is like! It’s about what I feel at the moment and how much time I can spend in vibes accordant to my wishes. So I picked the  photos off the wall, I purified my thoughts and changed my way of thinking. By the time the course was held last November, I exactly knew what I wanted. As a hobby, I have been engaged in oriental therapeutics for a long time; therefore I chose health and herbs. I make infusion of herbs and other natural tinctures with joy and zest – and I am really very happy and delighted. After the course, my inner child did not choose the name Keola, but did so my herbs. I have set up a product line with this name and people consume and love my products. I get many questions on every type of problems (not only on health matters) and I can truly recommend the Ho’oponopono method, the books and the course to everyone.

I would like to express my thanks to you and to Mabel.
Thank you!

With love

~Anikó Lévai

Aloha Mabel,
Thank you for your videos, they always teach us something despite the disbelief of some interviewers. “I’m sorry for whatever is in me that created this”. Mabel, I have so much to tell you about how Ho’oponopono has changed my life. My mother suffered nervous crisis and, as since she shows me whatever is in me, I started cleaning without getting hooked. During these two years that I’ve been cleaning, the crisis have been reduced about 80%. Another experience is that I live in Venezuela, in a corner where there used to be car accidents every week. It’s been almost a year that nothing happens! As I told you once in a message: This came into my life to stay, it’s a magical dream where I will never wake up from. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Aloha.

~Jose - Venezuela

Thank you Mabel for this weekend in Barcelona. Wonderful training, everything perfect and right, your teachings and the organization. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


~ Maria O. R. , Barcelona - Spain

Dear Mabel

i wanted to share three good things which followed after attending your 2 workshops in Tel-Aviv in March this year. I've been practicing the ho'oponopono every day since the workshops, committed myself to practice even if there will be no "results"... but there ARE: for years, i kept my most beautiful dresses, jewelry, lingerie etc.. only for special occasions, which were only here and there. after attending the workshops with you, i started wearing my most beautiful clothes EVERY DAY, because i feel that every day is a special occasion.

Another significant thing is that i slowly develop a loving relationship with my inner child. after years of perfectionism & self criticism, i feel softer & more forgiving towards myself and, as a result, can show more softness and kindness to the people in my life.

I am less obsessed about worrying & am able much more times than before to thank my scary thoughts & let them go. it truly works, to tell them" thank you, i love you, and i'm not going to worry about it!". i also whisper words of love & gratitude in the ears of my sleeping 7-years old son whenever i remember & it feels so good. One time, while he was
deeply asleep, after i whispered: "i love you, thank you for being in my life" he gave a deep, long breathe, still deeply asleep, and i SAW he took those words in.

I am grateful for all the wonderful gifts you gave me. i bought your two books "the easiest way" & "the easiest way to live" & they are also very helpful. Looking forward to seeing you again in Israel in December!

All the best,



~ Batsheva, Israel

Hi Mabel
How are you?
I really loved the last Q&A call. It was very interesting and it really got to me about the worrying, thinking, etc.
I am so happy you are coming more often to Israel
More people are cleaning in Israel and that can be only good
I send you love and light.
I love your calls Mabel and am grateful for what you do in the world.
Love, Daphna
I love you
Thank you

~ Daphna, Israel

Dear Mabel,
Just want to let you know that I have read your two books on Ho'oponopono several times and went through most of your 40 days and 40 nights series and have had very good results.  
The main success is to be able to go to a state of peace and calmness pretty much instantly by cleaning....."I love you..Thank you."
Continue your good works.

~ Bob, USA

"Thank you so much for making possible for me to see the videos. It´s really a beautiful gift from the Divinity that I can have all this experiences and have the privilege of listening to your teachings , light, and wisdom. To all your team who works with you, may the sunlight keeps shining upon you , thank you, I love you." 


-Maritza, Francia

Dear All,

Last week I made a question to Mabel at the Q&A, I have talked about a credit I asked that was not agreed to pay a few important things this month, I thank god for that, it means that this was not the right answer to my financial problems. Mabel said that during the call and she also said that I shouldn't worry and leave God. I know this month, loads of things need to be paid, I was somehow worried and I say to God, I let go, you know what is needed, I'm not gonna worry (as Mabel's words).
I was paid at the end of the month, and as a miracle, my employer did a mistake, he paid me a lot more (enough for covering what I needed to pay), I came this morning notifying him this mistake, and he said not to worry I can pay him back later!
Have you ever seen this kind of mistakes? never!!! only God can do that!!

I'm grateful 1 million times for this, no worries!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I love you all


"I have read this ebook and listened to the audio. Absolutely incredible! It helped remind me of things I already knew, but tend to forget or get distracted, and taught me many new things about Ho'oponopono too! Thank you Mabel for this amazing book."

~ Love, Regina, Illinois

Dear Mabel Katz, I read your book The Easiest Way and I want to say THANK YOU you changed my life, not only you, Dr. Hew Len too because first I read his book Zero Limits and then I found you on the internet and bought your book. It's really fantastic and now I can say that I understand life. Have a nice time. Your big fan!


~ Nikolas, Czech Rep

"Thank you for another beautiful class. I felt very much in tune with you and was able to perceive how you put your heart and soul into your teachings. You are here with us, yet many light years ahead of us...so willing to impart your knowledge so lovingly." 


~ Hilda, Los Angeles

Thank you Mabel!!!! I love you. Just a quick update on what's happening with my case as I was starting to clear a lot of the things pretty much right after I wrote my question to you earlier for the Q&A and I was finally able to slowly switch my energy and remove my resistance to it. I was pretty much in an instant able to manifest 3 items that had been bugging me. I was only able to do this when I really started to let go! Before I did that, I did try to do everything within my power from seeking help from others around me, etc. The moment I said I'm done with this and switch my energy to something else is when the magic happened. It was so amazing to watch and I really got the message!

Btw, the last time I asked for help about money I actually got an email back from the lady that owes me money recently saying she'll pay me in August. That will be amazing when it happens. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again Mabel! I love you.


~ Wendy, Canada

I would like to suggest to all if you haven't already- try a personal consultation with Cielo. Cielo has so much energy and knowledge of Ho'oponopono. She has been a great help to me and is an absolute inspiration. Thank you.


~ Bruce, Australia

Thank you for the workshop in November 2012 in Moscow. It was great!
I've just watched the webinar with you and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len with Russian subtitles. 
It was great. Unforgettable. 
Mabel, thank you! You inspired me to go into practice and taking 100% responsibility. 
When I watched the video, I felt that I was in a place where everything was possible! 
This video has helped me to look at the problems that are now in my life in a different way.
Mabel, thank you. I am grateful to your team too for their help.
I am grateful to all the people who were involved in the recordings. 
This is a new step, a new level for me. 
My gratitude to all that exists in the world has no boundaries.


~ Evgeniya , Russia

Thank you so much the DVD-Webinar & Interviews has arrived safely. Last night I watched the webinar section of it and it was fantastic. It felt like constant cleaning was happening and I felt very peaceful. Towards the end of it I noticed the DVD seemed to be freezing and wasn't playing properly. I hope this is only a fault with my DVD player, over the weekend I'll try it out on a computer and let you know. Even so what I have received so far has been awareness making and life renewing, I am very grateful. Thank you all

~ Amrita, Australia

Aloha Mabel,

Being able to stay on the forum to keep posting, sharing and cleaning has been the greatest support for me since I joined as member a year ago, especially during this extremely stressful period.

Thank you for creating this forum, Mabel! It has helped us to stay on track and gain whatever support we require.

Once again, Thank you!

I love you!


~ Julinda, Singapore